My First Baseball Game

I don’t remember the exact date but I also don’t remember what I ate yesterday either, that is not important. The memory of the event is what counts. I was pretty young and I’m sure it was around 1971 or 72 because that is when I started getting into sports. Being from New England everybody followed the Sox. As I got older I also liked the Yankees and that is very odd for a kid from New England, and that is another story.

I started to follow was Luis Tiant (El Tiante) they called him, he was from Cuba. He had the oddest pitching style with all his twists and turns. In 1975 he took the Sox to the world Series. Boy, we were so close that year. Still considered one of the greatest Worl Series to this day. Back to one of my favorites of all time Carl Yastrzemski, (Yaz) as he is known to all in New England. Captain Carl.

That is kind of the brief background of a young kid going to his first game to see the old town team. Here is what I remember most; the drive into Boston with my dad. Back in the day, my parents did not make a bunch of money so to go into Boston to see the Red Sox was a big deal. Even I knew that at 7 or 8 years old. They played the Tigers in an afternoon game, I remember walking down the long ramp to our seats, when we came out into the open it is better than I imagined. The grass is perfect, the Green Monster looks over everything, the players are bigger, and they were the best seats I have ever sat in, to this day still the best seats I have had to a sporting event. First base side right on the dugout. The players walked into the dugout in front of you. I could reach out and touch them.

We ate hot dogs, you always eat a Fenway frank, coke and we had the best day. My dad bought me one of those little souvenir baseball bats. We had been to many games together but nothing is like the first one. I have no idea who won but who cares? I remember the day and who made it possible. I remember what is important.

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