Anything Goes

Happy Festivus

The Airing of Grievances

The insanity begins, I thought we would get to thanksgiving before this political correctness nonsense started, but I guess not. Today I saw the topic start on the next door app, the question, was ok to say Merry Christmas?

Yes, it is ok to say Merry Christmas, it is ok to say Happy Hanukkah or Happy Kwanza or just Happy Holiday’s. Why does this matter? more importantly, why does the person making the acknowledgment need to wonder if they did something wrong? it is just a nice gesture. The person can reply anyway they see fit or not at all.

This is a Judeo Christian country and it has always been Merry Christmas. I’m not sure where this started, probably some talking head making an issue out of nothing to stir the pot.

We have so much madness in the world, this is a time of peace and goodwill. Do we have to debate the choice of words to wish somebody well?

If we continue down the path of political correctness on everything just to create an environment of everything for everybody we will end up in a world of nothing for anybody. The atheists and devil worshipers love this nonsense.

I think we should follow Frank Costanza’s advice, Happy Festivus, a holiday for the rest of us.

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