I have several tattoos, actually 6 of them. Tattoos can show some fantastic artistry and creativity. I can’t draw a stick figure but a good tattooist can manage some awesome pieces of artwork on the skin.

They are not for everybody and some people still look at them from a negative perspective, only for a certain type of person. That is not as common today. People from all walks of life have some artwork on their bodies.

I do believe you should use some sound judgment when you get one for several reasons. first, choose a reputable place for health reasons. Second, make sure your placement is something you will be happy with long term. Finally, pick something meaningful or enjoyable to you.

The only reason I bring up location, you may have a problem with that choice in the future. The other day I was buying coffee and I noticed the full sleeve of tattoos on the guy taking my order. Where it became a bit questionable, the sleeve ran into his hands. The tattoos on the hand were of the bones, it was to have the appearance of a skeleton. Again, this is a personal choice but you do have to consider what it will look like long term and how it may look to others. People still judge and you can’t hide that tattoo.

A tattoo like this can be limiting for you. I guess if you are a musician, or working construction, serving coffee forever it probably will not be an issue. Finding something in the corporate world will probably be a challenge. We all know the saying, you should not judge a book by its cover but it does happen. Why give anybody a reason not to read that book?

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