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I was talking football the other day with a friend of mine and me being from New England, well I’m a patriots fan. It is no secret the Patriots have had a run of greatness almost unmatched in all of sports, maybe a few Yankee, Celtics and Canadians can compare but not for this long without some down stretches.

My friend, of course, is not a Patriots fan, he went on to call them cheaters, lucky and even said Tom Brady is not that great. He is only a system quarterback. The fact is, when building any team you develop a system and find players that can execute in that system. That is only smart trading and drafting. No matter how great a player might be, if he can’t deal with the system he will not be successful. That does not mean any quarterback could have the success Tom Brady has either if it were just the system.

This is a great franchise now, it has not always been that way. If you are over 45 you remember how bad it was. They had 1-15 and 2-14 season, no playoffs and no Super Bowls. Brady and Belichick did not do this alone it takes committed organization top to bottom.

I remember the first SuperBowl win, it all started with the tuck call against the Raiders in the snow, then the upset of the Rams. Back then everybody rooted for the Patriots.

When did we stop appreciating greatness? why do we have to knock what this organization has accomplished over this run? Isn’t it better to try and copy it and achieve the same results? For some reason, we like greatness, as long as it is not too great or for too long.

A true sports fan will always appreciate what they are watching, it may never come around again. It probably will not and in today’s environment, that is what makes this so remarkable.

I know this run will end someday. Brady and Belichick will retire and we will settle into the middle of the pack. I hope the culture they have built will carry on but as a realist, I know there will be some down years. I have always been a fan. I loved the Patriots when they were terrible, I’m enjoying this run no matter what anybody says and I will love them when they are average. I’m a fan.

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