Second Chance, Nope…

Not everything in life provides for the opportunity of a second chance. We all make choices and we must accept our actions and live with those choices. (Published November 14, 2019, Fox News)

This woman (Muthana) was born here, she was a US citizen and walked away from all that to join ISIS. She promoted hate and violence in the United States, sided with the enemy, an enemy that killed thousands of lives, not just Americans and now she is sorry. She wants to come home.  

Muthana is a traitor, this does not warrant a second chance. She is concerned for her safety and the safety of her child, a child she had with a terrorist. Her life is now contained in a refugee camp in Syria. This is where she should stay or seek other places to live where she feels safe but, it can’t be in the United States. 

Muthana feels America is the place for second chances, it is, but not for a traitor. We have many good people that would like to immigrate here why would we ever consider giving a traitor a second chance? How could we trust her? why would we trust her? She claims she would never go back, she would give up her passport, none of that matters. She made a choice and with choices there are consequences, she now must live with that choice and those consequences.

I realize there is a young innocent child involved here, and that is unfortunate. I disagree with the judge on how that child can be supported. Her parents are still here and the grandfather (Ahmed Ali) is an ex-diplomat. I see no reason to leave that child in such a situation. This is the real second chance and shows what a great country we are and the true meaning of immigration. 

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