Music By Generation

A Classic – Back in Black Ac/DC

Every generation has the same conversation with the generation before them. This always happens with parents and kids. I remember my parents saying to me “What the hell is that noise you are listening to” Their parents said it to them, they said it to us and I have said it to my kids, in fact, I’m still saying it.

I remember when I was a kid listening to my parent’s choice of songs at home or in the car. Sometimes it was Motown, which I find cool, or Elvis, some crooner like Sinatra or a big band. I love many of those tunes now, but not very much when I was a kid, musical tastes change and grow.

I grew up in the ’70s and 80’s, I’m a classic rock guy. I love the stones, The Who, Zeppelin, AC/DC, you get the drift. I can get into some Big Band, Glen Miller was pretty cool. You can’t beat Motown; the Temptations, 4 Tops, Supremes. All these bands had great songs, great musicians and their music stands the test of time. These songs are classics and in many cases sampled by today’s artists, I use that loosely. Remember when people thought it was cool that Kanye gave that new guy Paul McCartney a shot 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Here is the difference in generations, in my opinion. I would say in the late ’80s or early 90’s when the rap genre started to enter the scene, now known as hip hop I guess. All this music is sampled in some way or some basic rhythmic beat. None of these artists from what I have seen are musicians. None of them play an instrument. Yes, they have some backing band but it lacks something. Everything up to this point had a band or the artists were musicians. I just do not see that today. I doubt these groups will stand the test of time. The stones have been around for 50+ years, every generation knows them, even this one. Are any of the early rap or hip hop artists even relevant? does anybody remember MC Hammer?

I owned a Disc Jockey company many years ago and you had to play a wide range of music, even the new rap, hip hop or whatever. Even then people always gravitated back to some classic band, every generation. I wonder if the youth of today will find a classic AC/DC song and just go wow! Maybe it is me and I’m just an old fart but I will take my classic rock over the snoopy dogg any day.

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