Youthful Observations

When I was a kid playing outside was what we did, there was nothing else to do. If we were not sleeping, in school, or doing homework we were outside. That was pretty consistent no matter what the weather was like.

We typically played the sport of the season. In the fall season it was football, in winter it was street hockey. We were a pain the ass to parents coming home from work. 🤣🤣🤣 In the spring we played baseball and that went on all day through the summer. Occasionally we played tag or hide and seek but, mostly it was sports. We even made up our games and sports.

At some point in the mid to late 80’s, now a young adult, I noticed fewer kids playing outside. I never saw a pickup baseball game or any street hockey. By the early 90’s it was almost non-existant to see kids outside. By the time my kids came along, I would hear the phrase from other parents “Play Date” What the hell is a play date? We went from daily activity in my youth to virtually no activity and at best planned “Play Date” events or completely organized sports. It seems to me we lost the creativity and enjoyment of just being a kid. I have my philosophy here when it comes to problem solving, acceptance and growth I will save for another time.

I would have to say much of this can be related to technology. there were no computer games when I was a kid. Unless you count pong and that was annoying as hell. There was no internet, phones, or social media. Technology is great but it does have a downside when it is not monitored for young kids.

Lately, I have been pleasantly surprised. I’m starting to see more kids playing outside. I am noticing more kids riding bikes, scooters and just engaging in some running around. Those little shits were playing street hockey! They defiantly pointed their stick at me and would not move when I tried to pass in my car. Junior, I applaud your edge, it brought back some great memories. Game on.

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