Some People Are Idiots!

I would love for somebody to explain to me how some people can be so stupid. Here is a story from the New York Post, apparently people are taking the vitamin D benefits a bit to far. Sun shining on the dark side of the moon; your bung, brown eye, back door, pooper, or your term of choice is not going to do shit (no pun intended) for you.

Look, if you are doing anything a social influence tells you to do, and what the hell is a social influencer anyway? then you are an idiot! Here is a direct quote from the story, I’m not sure who the biggest idiot is, but they are all challenging for the title. Ra of Earth has also posted a step-by-step “Sun Worship exercise” pulled from “The Tao of Sexology: The Book of Infinite Wisdom” by Dr. Stephen T. Chang that says the practice can help keep the area “healthy and free of germs.” 

I have news for you, shit passes through your back door, there will always be germs there no matter how much sun shines on your brown eye. You may get a nice tan even an unpleasant sunburn but the germs will remain. I guess this will supplant anal bleaching now, don’t get me started on that.

I like doing this blog, I hope people continue to read and share it. I try to keep the topics interesting and varied; personal, sports, observations, politics, and news like this. I just need to show my brown eye and I will get all the attention I need? “The phenomenon caught the wider internet’s attention after one Twitter user posted Meagan’s photo and caption, to the tune of more than 84,000 likes” Really? 84,000 likes for a picture of the fertilizer factory.

I think I will stick with my day job, phots, and blog. No there will be no pictures of my brown winker here. People stop being lemmings do not follow these social media influencers. Get a life, go outside and get all the sun you need, give your ass a scratch but keep it out of the sun.

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