Anything Goes

Thanksgiving Done, Christmas Is Next

Well, it is the day after the massacre, not literally, more figuratively of the delicious food my wife prepared. We sat down and ate like savages. I purposely went most of the day without eating so I can stuff myself at dinner. Probably not the best idea I have ever had but not like any other thanksgiving. I never learn.

By the time the carnage was over and the cleanup complete I was pretty bloated. It was a good thing I had on loose-fitting clothes! I managed to make my way to the couch to watch some TV, we tried watching Christmas with the Kranks, that sucked. I would have gone with Peaky Blinders on Netflix but that was a bit to violent for my wife after eating like that. We settled on Shark Tank. Even though I ate like a guy going to the chair, it was not long before my thoughts turned to desert, yep ice cream. I’m trying to keep my sexy figure so I always have a diet Coke with my meal and of course low carb ice cream. I told you I never learn.

After one episode of Shark Tank, it was time to get some rest, we had big plans for Black Friday. We were going to hit the outdoor mall at 5:30 am sharp. Well, it is before 7:00 am and writing this post. The plan never materialized. My wife and I woke plenty early, my farting in my sleep got the day going and the kid is still sleeping, no surprise. We looked at each other and decided against joining the pack of crazies out there. I put up no fight. I’m still plenty bloated, I needed coffee anyway. I’m a big fan of Pialo Brazilian coffee. that will kick start you in no time and get the train rolling, which I need.

We are passing on the early Black Friday adventure, I never really did it and don’t think I’m missing much anyway. Maybe if the excitement strikes us we will head out later but for now, I will stick with the traditional shopping routine, Amazon. Why leave the comforts of my couch to battle a bunch of crazies for the last pair of fancy slippers anyway? I have a coffee, a computer, a credit card by my side, and most important a bathroom 10 feet away. I think I will need it before the battle is officially over. Enjoy your day if you venture out, don’t be a nut. remember the season and what it means, it only comes around once a year.

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