The Election

Some people may find me a conservative republican, others a liberal democrat, It depends on the topic. My first vote was in 1984 for Ronald Reagan. I believe Reagan will always be looked at positively for how he help restore pride to a country. For any president I think time is a better judgment of a president’s performance. I do not think time will help Trump. We will look at Clinton and Obama in 50 years very positively. I can say the same for Bush, both of them.

In the last 50 years, the definition of conservative republication and liberal democrat has changed, Kennedy was far more conservative than Nixion and Kennedy was a democrat. We have ventured too far right on one side and too far left on the other. More ultra-conservative and progressive. This country was never meant to function like this and it isn’t. Too many of our rights and freedoms are being infringed on and too often we are looking for the government to provide solutions. This should not surprise us since the government created many of the problems of today. This is not what a representative democracy should be.

Today our politics are divisive, we have a president so thin-skinned he feels slighted at the smallest criticism and takes to twitter. Think back at all the negativity and criticism thrust upon Obama and he never reacted this way. Politics aside he represented the office with dignity and that means a lot around the world. We need to get back to that, real leadership. How we present ourselves is important, how we act is based on that presentation and that will mean how we are viewed.

I have listed all the primary dates here and the debates. https://beingkevin.com/2020-election-predictions/ I also listed, in my opinion, the time each candidate will exit the race and who will win the nomination for the democrats. Unless things change in some way I think Pete Buttigieg will win the nomination and defeat Trump in the general election. Just my opinion. I like the way he speaks, he served his country, he is young and has some very good ideas. I see him as a moderate with actual solutions and not handouts. He is presently doing well in the polls in the demographic I am in 50+ and that is important. His message is solid with broad appeal. I think we have had our fill of scratchy old men with the same old approach.

This does not mean I find any of the women candidates bad they are just not resonating as well as they should and a bit to progressive in my opinion. Kamala Harris started out well but seems to be losing her focus and coming off angry. Elizabeth Warren I feel really wants to help the people she seems genuine but just to progressive. Attacking the rich or big business is not the way to go. Finding ways to partner with them would mean more. Tulsi and Amy do not really have a plan or consistent message, maybe they are fine tuning things for the next run?

The world and everything around us is changing and changing fast. We need people that understand that and can adapt to it quickly. If you find this interesting please look over the page and share your predictions. I would love to see what everybody thinks.

One thought on “The Election

  1. I agree with most of your assessment, I like Pete but also like Tulsi, preditions below but if uncle Joe stay in he’s get the nom over Warren

    Steve Bullock 3-Feb
    John Delaney 3-Feb
    Joe Sestak 3-Feb
    Tom Steyer May
    Cory Booker 12-Feb
    Julián Castro Aready out
    Tulsi Gabbard – At convention
    Kamala Harris Before years end
    Deval Patrick 12-Feb
    Marianne Williamson2-Feb
    Amy Klobuchar March
    Andrew Yang March
    Joe Biden Just prior to or right after the New year
    Michael Bloomberg three weeks before convention, he has the money and it’s a write off for him
    Bernie Sanders At Convention
    Elizabeth Warren Will concede at the convention- However if she gets the nomination plan on another 4 years of BS
    Pete Buttigieg Possible nom

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