I Am Aging Well, I Think?

Have you ever seen an article or a TV show where somebody from the entertainment or sports world mentions their age and you think, holy shit they look like crap and they are your age or younger? What in God’s name happened? time is not treating them well. Maybe it is all smoke and mirrors. Some have aged well, some to much nip and tuck, and then you have these https://livelypals.com/celebrity/celebrities-aged-horribly/

You look at some of these folks and remember the way they looked and you wonder what happened. Your genetics just don’t go in the toilet. Was it too much fun, partying, excess? They had plenty of money, trainers, cooks, etc… They don’t grind it out every day like a working stiff or is this time’s way of balancing the scales.

I’m no Adonis, maybe back in the day 🤣 but I know I look better than some of these people. Yea I have a bit of a belly lost my natural flowing mane, that means I’m almost bald, but Jesus! Val Kilmer looks like a tick ready to pop. Wasn’t he the guy in Top gun? well, maybe it was that Scientologist guy, what’s his name? Tom Cruise? I think some nip and tuck here and a bunch of make-up. You get my drift.

Here is a picture of me, not too bad. I’m actually an international model. I shit you not. My wife took this photo for my blog and she has sold it a few times, I can get you a deal. https://luisawholley.com/ I believe it was sold in Europe, Milan I think. Those Italians know a few things; food and beauty. Although with my luck, it was probably bought by Abdul to hang in his Turkish bathhouse. If she sells a few million of these I will be loaded and on the cover of GQ. I might be getting a bit ahead of myself now. No smoke and mirrors here, no holy shit photos. Just me, all-natural. Well all-natural with clothes, this is a family site.

Remember it is not how you start the race but how you finish. I will be a hit in the old age home someday if I get that far. I look in the mirror and see an average Joe, that is good because I am an average Joe. Maybe I’m like wine, my wife loves wine. I may not have started in a fancy bottle but I’m aging well, I think?

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