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I Am No Atheist

Does god exist and can it be explained? the question that has been asked more than any other. I fall on the side of an agnostic. How could it be proven? I wish I had that certainty of somebody with absolute faith, believing without the need for proof.

There have been many prophets; Noah, Abraham, Moses, and Jesus to name a few, only one said he was made in his likeness, only one said he was the truth and the light, and only one said the way to the father is through him. Certainly, only one who gave his life for humanity. These we can see in actual writings and stories.

The big bang, was that the start? is this the divine intervention that started it all? Scientifically we know the planet is not like any other. It is the perfect distance from the sun, oxygen, water, and all the necessary elements to support life. How could this be luck?

If God does not exist how did everything fall in line so perfectly? how could we have loved ones for a short time, short in the sense of time? We are a moment in eternity. Why would God do all this and just give us a moment ? to die and never see the people you love again. That would be cruel for an all-knowing and loving god. Was Jesus the “messenger” to tie the beginning of everything to something tangible, a way to add the logic and reason to the big bang.

Maybe that is the plan, some have faith and some find it out later. There is no correct answer because he made us in His likeness with free will and a brain. For us, it is something we will learn later. Sometimes you don’t see it even if it is right in front of you. Sometimes an event changes a perspective. I keep thinking about it and reading.

My logical brain tells me if I look at the big picture the science is there, the proof exists. Nothing comes from nothing, perfection does not just happen. The universe is so big the chance of only one planet like this is not possible unless it is part of a grand design.

I guess it is too much for my small brain, even logically to understand. All I can do is just keep thinking about it. I do hope that when the light goes out I wasn’t this brief moment in time and I do see my loved ones again. It has to be…

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