Just like the holiday season, the election season is here also. Like every election season, we will have the privilege of listing to a pack of morons give their proposals with no solution to immigration.

I strongly support border security, but I strongly disagree with a border wall. A wall is too costly. It is an old solution in a world of modern technology. This would be like renting a VHS tape in the world of streaming videos to watch a movie.

The security of the country and the citizens is one of the most important goals of our government, if not the most important. This requires real-world solutions, something our politicians are failing at, and it should not be this complicated.

There is one basic premise we need to start with, this country was built by immigrants. It is our culture. It is who we are. When we lose sight of those things, we lose sight of who we are and what we stand for.

There are a couple of problems to solve. First, we need to find a way for people to stay. Second, we need to find a way to remove people that should not be here. Last we need a way to let people in.

To solve these issues we need to start with a level of trust, and that requires some basic common sense. The Netflix show Living Undocumented will give you a very real world view of the first problem, finding a way for people to stay. To me, this is pretty basic. We have thousands of people in this country that hold jobs, own business, go to school, and serve in the military. They want to be here. They want to be citizens. Let’s make them citizens. This should be pretty easy. Fill out some forms, pay a free, take a test, problem one solved.

They don’t look like murders, rapists, drug pushers, or terrorists to me

The second problem is a bit more difficult but not impossible. Once we solve problem one, the next pool of people is much smaller. We must stop giving any services to people here illegally. No drivers licenses, employment, food stamps, housing, schooling, nothing. These people once identified, will then be allowed to stay under certain conditions. They get registered, they have to follow a plan that would include all the steps we have in place to citizenship now. Once they do this, they will be eligible for all those services. If they don’t want to do that, they have to go. If you are a felon or commit a crime while becoming a citizen, you have to go. A serious crime, not a traffic stop.

Finally the problem of how do we let people in and secure the border. I think if we solve problems one and two correctly then problem three is a much easier solution since there will be far fewer people trying to cross the border illegally.

A wall is costly, it will break, it can be climbed, you can go under it, and it will require yearly maintenance. With all of the technology at our disposal, there must be a way to electronically secure it, monitor it and track people crossing it. The government should contract this out to a private corporation. A business has to make money the government does not.

We have been listening to this problem for five or more decades, and it is not getting any better. It is time to look at it differently. It is time for the politicians to get in a room and solve a problem. It is not that complicated.

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