Abortion is a pretty regular topic in our everyday lives. Maybe, not daily, but I’m willing to bet it comes up a few times a month somewhere in this country. Now, being election season, we are sure to get a steady dose of this. There may be one or more supreme court justices change in the next few years. That, along with this election, could put this law in jeopardy.

I believe this is 100% a woman’s choice. I don’t believe in abortion unless it is necessary, but it is not my choice, and I don’t get a say. We have all heard it is immoral, a sin, against God, or it will ruin society. We have to STOP trying to legislate morality. Regardless if you or I feel it is immoral does not matter. The only thing that matters is the choice of that woman. She has to live with that choice, nobody else. Because of that choice, it should not matter to anybody else. Especially a bunch of legislators.

To me, it is shameful that we would put a woman in this position, for her choice, her free will, and something she will have to live with. It affects nobody else. Why would we put somebody in that position? We hear the argument all the time, it is to protect the unborn. Maybe, we should put that effort into protecting the children already born.

There are so many children born today in poverty, abused, homeless, and go hungry. There are so many in the adoption agency or the foster system. Why would we want to risk another birth of a child for a bad decision, or to somebody that does not want the child? Is protecting that unborn child a guarantee it will be safe and not become a statistic.

In 1973 Roe v Wade decided this case, but we continue to challenge the decision. The supreme court ruled it was unconstitutional. A state can’t block a woman’s right to get an abortion. When we start looking to seat judges on the Supreme court as a way of positioning the court for a political end, we are no longer a constitutional democracy.

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