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Game Or Racial Event?

Something does not seem correct to me with this story. I first heard of this a week ago Sunday, and it took place the day before, Saturday during the annual Army vs. Navy football game. ESPN picked up on film a hand gesture by the cadets and midshipman, which can be construed as a white supremacist gesture. The gesture is the OK symbol, but upside down, indicating the letters W and P, for white power 👌.

The gesture was brought to everybody’s attention by the anti-defamation league. I have never seen use of this gesture other than for OK, admittedly, I’m not a white supremacist either or have ever seen it upside down. Since I was reading this with a few others around, I asked everybody, and nobody, black or white, has ever heard of such a thing. The story, of course, mentioned a full investigation will be done by both West Point and the Naval Academy.

Today is one week since the incident, and I came across this story last night from CNN The story says this is not a racial sign. It is part of a game called the “Circle Game.”

The circle game is played, when person one, makes the symbol which causes person two, to look away. Person two is then punched. This would seem to be played near each other, not in a football stadium.

I am not sure why it takes a week to do this investigation? If this is a known game, then why are the student’s actions being addressed? The action and results do not seem to match. If it is a game, then why does anything need to be addressed? If it is an actual white supremacist gesture, then the students should be tossed from school.

Maybe it is my doubting perspective. If I remember correctly, both of these schools have had some issues with gays and women that attended the universities. When I read this it just seems to be an effort to gloss something over, handled internally, as the article mentions. It just smells a bit fishy to handle something internally or address actions over a game. I hope I’m wrong.

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