Brazil: Day One

Today is day one of our travels to Brazil. This is a long trip, it takes 21 hours from the time you leave to the time you arrive. We had a driver pick us up, Carlos, he almost missed the exit to the airport. Every adventure has some interesting tidbits. Once we arrived we did our check-in and proceded to the TSA checkpoint. This is where you practically strip down, to almost nothing. I always wanted to be frisked, and this was my lucky day. I got flagged after the radar check and was given the all over pat-down. Of course, being polite I said thank you while my inseam was being massaged. Word of caution, do not do this, I got the stink eye.

This is a two flight trip. The first leg is from Tampa to Miami and then Miami to Rio. I had never flown first class before, but this is a tough day, so we paid the extra money and went all in. When you fly first class you get some special privileges; boarding first, a very comfortable seat, which reclines into a bed, free food, and access to the Admirals Club.

Flying to Rio is in the evening, usually between 10-11 pm, we did not take off until midnight, due to thunderstorms. If you could afford first-class you should try it once in your life.

The Rio airport is pretty nice, I think they did quite a bit of work for the Olympics a few years ago. Where you land in comparison to where you get your bags is about a 15-minute walk. That reclining seat and the ability to sleep on the flight made a big difference.

Our family picked us up and we spent the day unpacking, cleaning up, and going to one of my favorite restaurants, Galeto in Leblon. The food is delicious. It rained quite a bit, but we did manage to walk to a bakery, a place my wife frequented quite a bit as a kid, and we picked up some tasty treats for the night.

That is it for day one. I will post more photos of some beautiful scenery, the activity on the street, the food, and of course the beaches. I hope to share with you just how beautiful this country is and some of the more distressing sides of the environment.

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