Brazil: Day Two

After a long day of travel, even with a good night’s sleep, you still feel a bit tired. I had to take a nap 2 hours after waking up this morning.🥱 Once I consumed a few cups of Pilao coffee, I was ready to start my day.

Brazil is the largest Catholic country in the world. There are 126 million Catholics in Brazil, about 60 percent of the population, the celebration of the holiday is on Christmas eve. Christmas day is for visiting and eating leftovers. My kind of day.

Today we took my father in law for breakfast. I did make the cardinal mistake of paying. I was told by the commander, that it is forbidden for me to do that. The Commander, as my father in law, is referred too, always has the final say. His name is Francisco, and he spent 40 years in the navy serving his country. When he speaks we salute. I saw people salute him in his building. Here is a picture of an outdoor cafe.

outdoor cafe. Most sidewalks in Rio are like this.

After breakfast, we took a walk to visit my wife’s aunt (Naza). I don’t speak much Portuguese but I can understand a bit here and there. It was a good time watching them all catch-up. Naza and the commander are siblings and live a block from each other. Many buildings in Rio are old, constructed in the ’50s and ’60s, but they are well maintained and many have gates with door guards. Everything and everybody in a city like this is within walking distance. You get to feel and embrace the culture. Here are some vendors.

When my father in law gets talking you never know what you can learn. He has been all over the world with the navy. Today we learned, and I’m not kidding, this was news to my wife too. He boarded the ship of the Spain dictator Franco, The yacht of the Prince of Monaco, Rainier, and he had a “sleepover” as he called it, with friends in Carmen Miranda’s home, the “Brazilian Bomb Shell”.🤣 Here is her picture.

That is it for day 2. We will be getting ready, after our nap, for our Christmas Eve celebration. We will not drive, everything is in walking distance. I’m looking forward to my first Christmas in the Southern Hemisphere.

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