Brazil: Day Four

Brazil is the only South American country to fight with the US in World War II. The US is also the first country to recognize Brazil as a country.

Today we had a blend of old and new. After a few quick trips around Rio, we made a quick stop for some lunch at BB Lanches. This place is amazing, it is the typical roadside restaurant, and it has the best-grilled cheese and fresh-squeezed juices. They have more fresh fruit than I have ever seen in one place. What makes this unique, no seats. You order and eat at the counter or get it to go.

After we ate we headed off to the neighborhood of Barra, I was hoping to see a Capybara, but not today. All the construction in Barra is more recent, maybe 30 years old, and as recent as the Rio Olympics. The neighborhoods lack a bit of the style of those tree-lined roads of Leblon but it is more modern. We spent some time checking out this new outdoor mall and enjoying a few (Pao de queijo), it is a delicious piece of bread filled with cheese and some cafe.

Our next stop was Sugarloaf mountain, it is two mountains, the other is (Morro da Urca). We took the cable car to Sugarloaf and then over to (Morro da Urca). These mountains go up 400+ meters and overlook the bay of Guanabara. The State of Rio today was originally the state of Guanabara. The name changed to Rio in 1975. Rio is both a city and a state in Brazil.

The first photo is the launchpad to the first mountain. The second photo is on the cable car overlooking the bay. The third and fourth photos are from the highest elevation of mountain two, we were in the clouds and at some points, we could not see anything.

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