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Brazil: Day Five

Brazil has won five world cups, more than any other country. They are also the only team to play in every world cup tournament. They have won the tournament in the following years; 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994, 2002 and the Olympic gold medal in 2016. The Brazilian national football (soccer) team practices just down the street from where we are staying.

Today we are in the mountain city of Teresopolis, located in the state of Rio in the Região Serrana region. We had to go through several tunnels to get around the mountains. This picture is just behind “Christ the Redeemer.” It would be impossible to get to some of the neighborhoods without these tunnels.

The climate here is different than in Leblon, it is a bit cooler, 74 today with a constant breeze. The cloud cover is below the mountains as you can see from the video. The way the clouds surround the neighborhood it feels like we are in the center of a bowl. Constantly birds are chirping and I have seen several parakeets fly by and many other types I can’t identify. Today there is an amazing thunderstorm coming in over the mountains.

Poverty is everywhere, this is a shot of a favela, one of many as you pass from Leblon to Teresopolis, and they are everywhere. Brazil is still considered an emerging country. There is poverty in the states, but this is on a whole different scale. The Rio Olympics did not show this. Homes with no roof or windows, buckets to catch rainwater, and some favelas so bad the police do not go in these areas unless they have to.


On the road to Teresopolis we stopped at a roadside store or restaurant, take your pick. We had a coxinha, (pronounced co-she-na) these are delicious, I will do a post on an assortment of Brazilian food you will love.

coxinha were very good

That is it for today. I hope you share this adventure and my blog. I hope you enjoy the pictures. If you have any questions please let me know.

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