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Brazil: Day Six

Brazil was the last country in the western world to abolish slavery. Emperor Pedro II in 1888 freed all the slaves. The total of all slaves combined only equaled about 40% of the number imported by the United States.

Teresopolis has a sister town called Petropolis. The town of Teresopolis was named for the Brazilian empress Teresa Cristina, in 1890 and Petropolis was named after the emperor, Pedro of Portugal.

Today was a bright clear day, no clouds. It was perfect for my morning coffee, looking out at the mountains, and listening to all the birds. At 9:30 am we headed out to the national rain forest, just a few miles from the house. It lies in the Órgãos Mountains at 2,959 feet (902 meters) above sea level.

Parque Nacional da Serra dos Orgaos (National Park and rain forest in the area of Teresopolis ). The air is perfect; crisp, cool, and clean. There is a natural spring that runs constantly and the water is extremely pure, far better than the best bottled water I have ever tried. The name of the river is Rio Paquequer and it supplies Teresopolis with drinking water.

We drove as far as the car will go into the park, to go further you would have to hike from this drop off spot. Since we were walking down, this is where our hike started.

Unfortunately, we were not able to see any animals, but we did hear plenty of birds. On a good day, you can spot a monkey or two and numerous other animals. We did get some nice pictures of the river, the falls, and plenty of plat life.

It took a couple of hours to take some pictures, I hope you enjoy them and get to the bottom of the mountain. At the end of the hike, we stopped at the center of town for some water and then home. Tomorrow might be a posting on some of the food native to Brazil.

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