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A New Years Resolution – DO NOT DO IT

If you plan to make one, stop. They are pointless, serve no purpose, and I hate to say it, you will FAIL.

A resolution means you will resolve to change something in your life for the better. This is not realistic, there are no goals, and they are not easy to measure.

A New Year always brings a resolution too; join a gym, eat better, exercise, and get in shape. Statistics show a failure rate of around 80% with any type of resolution. This would be the definition of insane.

I’m not claiming to be an expert, but here is my background; I have a BA in Psychology, worked as a personal trainer and certified in the field, certified with USA hockey, as a level four coach. I have owned a hockey training facility. My daughter is a licensed dietician with a master’s degree in nutrition I can turn to for advice

I have already seen in the last week over 20 types of fitness and diet articles. I’m not even looking very hard. Here is the bottom line, none of that matters. It does not matter what workout the Kardashians do or what your favorite star or athlete does. It does not matter if you do HITT, circuit training, split routines, run, elliptical, bike, or walk. It does not matter what the diet trend of the day is; KETO, Mediterranean, Plant-based, or weight watchers.

Here is what does matters, make a goal, keep it simple, then create a new goal. Keep doing that, and keep moving forward. Find what you like in terms of exercise, and do that. For starters, try and commit to 3 days a week of exercise, do not put too much thought into your diet yet. just get a routine started. 

Here is a framework I use, try it but do not take it as the gospel, modify it to meet who you are. I start by exercising for three days a week with something I like to do. I use biking, the heavy bag, or the gym. Once I complete a month, I set a new goal for five days a week, and start tracking my diet. You can’t outwork your diet. You will need to modify your eating habits. Some people find logging your food helps, but don’t do something you are not comfortable with, or you will fail. After about two months, you will be in a sustainable routine. You will have accomplished some goals, and lost some weight. All positive reinforcement.

The reason I take this approach, I know who I am, and I am not ever going to change. A resolution implies I will change something in my life and that will not happen, for some it may, but not me and not for most people. This approach gives me the tools I can go back to when I need too. I like pizza, steak, cheese, and ice cream, to name a few. When I put on some weight and want to get it off, I reset my goals and use my tools. I do not get discouraged because I failed at some silly resolution. I enjoy my life and do what I need to when I need to, no negatives, just positives.

Being over 50, I’m 56 it does mean I have to continue to modify what I do, and the intensity of how I do it. If you would like some suggestion I am happy to share, but they are suggestions, so modify them to meet your needs. At the end of the day, only two things ultimately matter regardless of trends. You need to exercise in some way, and you need to burn more calories than you consume. The type of exercise or the specific diet does not matter all that much for the everyday person.

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