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John Roberts : Supreme Court Article

Americans may ‘take democracy for granted’

I couldn’t agree more. Young people are losing the knowledge of the branches of government, and what they mean, or why they were created in this specific way.

It is easy to get lost with the overload of information and all the social media platforms. When you lump in the fake news, it makes it worse. When we stop teaching how the government works and how it was designed, these social platforms can muddy the water. The beauty of the the branches of government and the amendments, like free speech, make this misinformation easy without crossing the boundary of censorship.

The Supreme Court is the only branch of our government, of the three that should remain impartial, almost like the gatekeeper for the other two. He mentions Merrick Garland, the justice denied an opportunity due to the last pending election. He is one of several that go around and teach about the process of government. I think it would be good to promote that more.

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