And a Happy New Year!

Luisa Wholley

2019 was a bit challenging for me, health wise. I had many ailments that made me aware that my body is aging and in need of more care. When we’re young, we think we are invincible and nothing will happen to us – mainly because we “feel” invincible, as our bodies are newest model, state-of-the-art machines very well tuned and all parts are oiled and shiny. As we age, more maintenance is needed and the constant neglect starts taking its toll.

This year I realized that.

In 2020, I wish and make the resolution of doing a better job in the maintenance department, in the hopes that I can, if not reverse, at least slow the aging process with some awareness.

Mindfulness tells us to value the present. The past and its regrets are to be observed, used as a learning tool and let go as a free elderly bird…

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