Brazil: Day Eleven

Last Day 😞

Well this is my last update from Brazil, we are leaving today, we should be home by 8:30 am on Friday. It is a sad day and I will miss the family and the experience. Staring next week, you will have to deal with my weekly excursions around Florida, there are some cool things in Florida too, and I think I can make it interesting for you. I will also sprinkle my posts with interesting observations, news, and opinions. Not to mention my Seinfeld quotes, after all it is a blog about nothing 😊. We do have another trip planned in late spring, to celebrate my son’s graduation – maybe the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, or Yellowstone. We are not sure yet. I will do a very detailed day by day accounting when the time comes.

Here is what I will miss.

My 93-year-old father in law walking up behind my wife and kissing her on the head, it is incredibly hard for both. I will miss my wife with her two sisters laughing and catching up. They remind me of the two gophers (except there are three of them) from looney tunes, Mac and Tosh, that laugh, run around and help everybody and always polite, never thinking of themselves.

The daily interaction and laughs with everybody and believe it or not the chaos trying to coordinate an activity and transportation with 10+ people. When a Brazilian woman tells you 6 people will fit in a four-person car you go with it 😊

Walking around town and the daily life of the people of this beautiful country. Enjoying a coffee on a street side café with a grilled cheese or croissant. Walking up to the street restaurant, standing room only, and getting the best pure fruit smoothie you have ever had.

I will miss total strangers saying bom dia (good morning) or taking their time trying to understand the gringo. I will miss the streets as the come alive in the morning and slowly die off as you go to bed but never totally quiet.

I will miss walking to the end of the road and standing on some of the most famous beaches in the world; Copacabana, Leblon, and Ipanema. They are surrounded by mountains and watching the volleyball games played feet, Soccer is in their DNA.

I will miss waking up in the mountains, stepping outside to a clear sky, clean air and a light breeze. I can sit there, and I did for hours and listen to the birds, in total relaxation and calmness. I will miss the late afternoon watching the clouds descent over the mountains, a light fog creeping in and the low rumble of thunder. The light rain builds to a downpour and ends with a rainbow between two mountains.

Most of all I will miss everything and everybody. I do know at some point in my life I want to find a way to split my time between both countries, I don’t think it is asking too much for a life of hard work. 

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