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Vacation Is Over – Back to Reality

That was a song, Back to life back to reality, by Soul II Soul in 1989, I was still a DJ back in the day. Much younger and reality was a bit easier transition.

It was a great vacation, but any travel back is always harder than the travel out. The adventure is over, and the reality of life has to go on.

Even though the travel time out and back is always the same, 21 hours in this case. I start the clock the minute the bags go in the car to the minute they come out of the car. This was a long day. Of course, when you start vacation you try to consume all the food in the house, which makes arrival home an order out day.

We need to go shopping. It was cheese and chips until Pizza Hut arrived 🙂

Yesterday was a full day of rest, binge-watching Netflix (catching the series Mad Men) and napping. All the unpacking and washing will be today, and of course grocery shopping.

A big hug goes out to our Brazilian family, they provided a wonderful experience. We had beautiful places to stay, and two greate holidays we celebrated. The food was delicious, travel to all the locations were perfect, and we saw some great sites. Most of all, it was just great fun. There was much, talking, laughing and relaxing.

I did have some interesting observations. When we arrived at the Brazilian airport, I found the staff spoke English, Portuguese, or tried to understand the gringo. very hospital and friendly. When I landed in Miami, it almost seemed like there was as much Spanish as English. The Spanish speakers did not even try to speak English. One guy could only say “yes here, here” and one guy said only “senora” then pointed. Not a political statement just very odd.

Trying to get through customs could use some organizational skills at the Miami airport for American airlines. If this is a hub for many international travelers, then maybe more passport checkers should be working. I counted 6 for what looked like 400+ people. Everybody herded in what looks like a march of cattle to the slaughter. To me it would make more sense to have several lines, maybe based on people with connecting flights since we are at risk of not getting to our next flight (we made it with 11 minutes to spare) and perhaps based on distance to the next gate, (we had a small marathon) from point A to point B. This piece of furniture was put to good use on arrival.

My massage chair. Almost as good as the real thing!

The flight from Brazil was a huge plane but the seats were very small, and the flight from Miami was a small plane with big seats. It seems odd to me.

Anyway, we made it home safe. in a lot of ways, there is no place like home, but I will say home in Brazil felt like home too. We are back to reality, and that means work tomorrow. I bet I have over 5k emails. I can’t wait.

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