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2020 Goals – Not Resolutions

I’m not a believer in resolutions, you can see that from my post a couple of days ago.

I am a believer in goals. Without any goals the year will pass and nothing will be accomplished. For the new year, 2020, I have the following goals.

I will learn a bit more Portuguese. Since my wife speaks it fluidly and she is from Brazil, I think it is important I learn a bit more. I’m probably not going to be fluent, but it is reasonable to ask where is the bathroom, or possibly order food. I should be able to get to a point where I pick up enough to understand a conversation. That is goal one. My wife can’t teach me. I don’t think anything like that goes very well from a family member, but I will take her course, which will be on Udemy with here photography course at She promised not to charge me.

I want to learn the guitar a bit more. I bought one a couple of years ago and I made some progress, but I put it down when life got in the way. My goal this year, getting better at transitioning between 8-10 chords and playing my scales. I think that will be a good musical goal.

I am going to get out more. I work a strange schedule, I have three days off a week, although I work four long days. I plan to get out more and just turn off the job, even if that means just sitting in a chair at the beach, phone off, and enjoy a coffee. Of course pick up the guitar, take photos, properly edit them, and work on this blog.

I will get better at my photography hobby, my wife is a professional, and I got the bug from her. She has been teaching me about the aspects of a good photo, and how to edit them in photoshop. I have to take it more serious and not just chop heads, or eyebrows off of people and laugh. I’m not going to stop that because it is fun, also replace the heads of people 🤣 but I do want to learn more on how to edit the photo properly. That PhotoShop is hard!

I need to step away from my desk. This is important, and I can’t lose sight of this. My job is very pressure-packed and I tend to skip lunch or just eat at my desk. I need to walk away for some downtime. It is not possible to continue like this and stay above ground.

Keep working on my blog. Improve my writing and content, with the intent of generating more followers. This is something that is fun and something I am trying to see how far I can take it. At some point, in the next 3-5 years I’m sure I will have to start thinking of some job transition. I will be entering my 60’s and I can’t do this forever. This seems like a good venue for me and a way to grow a skill.

Finally the one everybody uses, drop a few pounds and get to the gym. I was typically a steady client at the gym with a good workout routine. Then the arthritis flare up, the prednisone and I was down for the count. You could eat a perfect diet, run to Cleveland and with that prednisone you will not lose a pound. All that seems to be in check again, so it is time to drop the baby fat. I don’t want to be at the beach looking like a beached whale with a good samaritan trying to pull me out to sea.

I think seven is enough and with good time management they should be achievable.

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