Slang Terms Through The Years

Many times, my kid will say something, and I have no idea what the hell he means. The terms he uses are part of today’s culture. He tells me I need to respect his culture; I can’t even figure out today’s culture. I guess that is no different than what any of us said when we were kids, our parents were just as confused.

I started to do a little digging, and some words or terms are common, for many years. It also became clear some words became part of our natural vernacular. I did not even consider it slang. When I started looking, I found the below sites the most interesting. 

Slang from the ’70s, http://zombiesites.com/timewarpmemories/70slang.html

While looking through this list, some I recognize and some I don’t, possibly because some could be regional or more urban. A couple that popped out were; crib, spaz, sick, and chill. I remember using spaz in high school, but I don’t hear it much anymore. The words sick and chill I still hear today from teenagers, and crib is common, I first heard it on MTV. I remember people using wicked, as in “wicked cold”. I think wicked was more regional to the Merrimack Valley area of New England. I found this link. https://owlcation.com/humanities/Wicked-Slang-Origin

Slang from the 80s https://www.80snostalgia.com/80s-dictionary/

There were several more here that stood out for me, probably because I was in my late teens. Some were still popular from the 70s, like crib, and chill. One that I remember quite well, and I think “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” started it, Bitchin. The word cool, but that has been around since the 50s or longer, and of course awesome. I hate that word, everything was awesome, at some point for everything. Like awesome dude don’t forget dude, that is slang too.

Slang for the 90s http://www.inthe90s.com/generated/terms.shtml

I must admit, there are only a few here I recognize, maybe I was too busy raising kids. The common few are here, chill or chill out and crib. It is funny, maybe odd or twisted (twisted was kind of slang) that going postal was popular, you know, it just refers to mass killings. 

Slang for the 2000shttp://forevertwentysomethings.com/2017/03/22/24-dope-words-phrases-every-teenager-regretfully-used-in-the-early-mid-2000s/

This is a shortlist and the best one I could find. I recognize the fewest from here. I do not even recall my kids using any of these. maybe we are losing some creativity, or all the good ones are used?

Today, my son uses things like dripping, lit, and get the bag. I could not find these mentioned in the links above, but things change fast. The word dripping means dressed well or looking good. The term lit is cool. Cool has been around a long time; it might be the king of slang. The term “getting the bag” means getting money. I can use a few bags. He uses some others I can’t remember, and I admit I have no idea what they mean.

There are some that might just be sports-related, two I can think of from hockey, dangle, and bundle. To dangle means puck handling and faking somebody. When I was young it was to deke. The term bundle means a good check, you knocked him on his ass.

The whole slang term is a bit muddied. To me, slang means some made-up words, like bitchin. The word cool does not fall in this category and if you look through the links there are several that are actual words and some made-up words. Slang is more a combination of both or the context of how the word is used. “It was wicked cool looking into this; I hope you have a bitchin time reading it”

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