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Crazy New England Fans

I am a real angry Patriots fan. No, I’m not mad because they lost. I’m mad at the fan base. I think we have lost perspective. The expectations of the fan base does not align with reality. This is the most complete sports dynasty there has ever been, and I put that up against the Yankees, Canadians, and Celtics. The Yankees have won 27 world titles, the Canadiens 24 and the Celtics 17. The Patriots have 6 Super Bowls in 20 years. My kids have never seen a bad Patriots team. The Yankees and Canadiens have been in existence for 100+ years and the Celtics 75 years. The Patriots, only 59.  

Here is some perspective, do you realize the Canadiens had exclusive rights to parts of Canada? No other teams could scout in some of these areas. It was like a monopoly. They had most of the Quebec area and all the great junior teams there. The Yankees had so much money and a scouting staff so big no other team could match them. They found Mickey Mantle in Oklahoma, No teams scouted out there. They bought Babe Ruth from the Red Sox. When the Celtics drafted Larry Bird they changed the draft rules because the Celtics won so often it seemed unfair.

The Patriots did in twenty years with a landscape far more complicated. They had a salary cap, free agents, and a greater travel schedule to contend with. In football, you have to not only get to the playoffs but you have to play in a one and done format. All the other teams play a best of four. The season in football is less forgiving, a slow start, just a few losses can put the whole season in jeopardy. What this organization has done is remarkable.

I have seen articles that fans complained about who they drafted. Articles about play-calling, and even complaints of how the Titans used the clock, that left the Patriots no time late in the game. Mike Vrabel, the coach of the Titans played for the Patriots, he learned from the best and did what the Patriots have done for years. We lost to a better team.

Nobody should have expected this team to go far, they were a good team. They were not a very good team and they certainly were not a great team. Even with all of that, and a 32 team league, the Patriots were one of twelve teams to make the playoffs. That is almost two thirds better than the whole league. That means 20 other teams were excited to see them lose, how pathetic is that. They are more happy the Patriots lost than they are about making the playoffs.

Today people are posting comments and photos of the Patriots and Tom Brady. Quotes like “still my team” or “still the goat” of course, none of that changes or should over one loss. Tip your hat to the better team, they beat the best now we should root for the Titans to win it all, so we can say we lost to the best.

Now the cold hard truth. Tom Brady will not be back, and the Patriots would be crazy to pay him. Yep I know that hurts but this is a business and his skills are declining, the numbers prove it and it is more than just the players around him. He is 42 years old and you can’t pay that kind of money for him where it can be better used in other areas. If you don’t believe me look at the Celtics and the big three of Bird, Parish, and McHale. They held on too long because of loyalty and the Celtics struggled for it. The time has come to turn the corner. I do not think Belichick wants him back. He has one thing left to prove and that is to win without Brady. There was an article in the paper today,

 Kraft did not come out and say it but read between the lines, he will only pay so much, and it will not be enough. What he said is, he hopes Brady comes back or retires. Naturally, he would never want him to go to another team, but he is also a smart businessman. Brady is worth keeping, but only a certain price, thus the retire comment. He would not make that comment if he was willing to pay anything to keep him. Brady may want to continue playing but I think that choice will be made for him. If he bolts for more money it will go contrary to everything he has stood for and tarnish his reputation. We have seen the last of Brady and Belichick.

2 thoughts on “Crazy New England Fans

  1. not being a sports guy I do enjoy hearing the banter over this at work. My take is you cannot argue with data (for those who dislike the team or Tom Brady) You can say you don’t care for them but you cannot say they are a terrible team or he’s not a great athlete. I think people hold things at too high a standard, you can’t always win, they gave the fans a good season. Overall New England sports fans don’t have a lot to complain about. And Tom Brady may not be back next year but he gave the fans off the sport a lot over the years and he’s been a class act through all of it.

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    1. Yep, no question. He is the best of all time. He is still worth keeping if the money is right. He is still better than more than 75% of the quarterbacks they just can’t pay him the money of a top 5. that would be crazy and limit the team in the future. I hope it plays out well and he gets one more shot to go out on top. I just don’t see that happening.


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