Anything Goes

Time To Get Out

One of the reasons I stay out of social media, except for kitty and puppy pictures, is the constant political slant. Everybody takes a position and we have lost the ability to look at things historically or in a proper perspective. Maybe there is so much information it is hard to peel back the onion and be objective. It does not mean you can’t have your opinion but we have lost the ability to see both sides. It is quite evident by the latest news with Iran. I will give my little thoughts on history, the current situation, and my perspective here. I will keep it to my blog and just share it out to Twitter or Facebook. Any back and forth on the topic I will keep to a more controlled environment in the blog. Read it, comment, hate it or like it but at least maybe you will give it some deeper thought and see it from another angle.   

In 1950 The US enters the Korean war. At the same time, in 1950 the US sends military assistance to France (don’t get me started on France) in Vietnam. By 1965 the first US soldiers enter Vietnam for the first time in Combat. There were already 25,000 US troops in Vietnam at the time, but on this date, it was the first time we called it a combat operation. In both wars, it was to end communism, and in both cases the result was communism. We lost 100k lives, for what?

Does that sound much different than what we are facing today? The current environment started by the US backing our current enemies against the Russians. This nightmare has gone on longer than any war in history. It is not one war but it has gone on so long we have bootstrapped one event to the next. The Gulf war, one could argue was to defend our interests in the oil fields over a threat by Sadam Husain entering Kuwait. We then decided to bootstrap that to weapons of mass destruction (there were none) and the overthrow of Iraq (completely de-stabilized the area). We are now twenty years full circle, still fighting a war someplace with no real definition of what the reason is. The latest escalation, I will get to my thoughts on this in a moment, is again in Iraq over an Iran backed terrorist group.

In World War II there was a vision, a purpose, and an end game (the last war we should have been in). That was achieved. I will not go into post-war events that play some role in the current middle east dynamic, but the reason was clear, the job was done and it ended. Today one event leads to the next and that leads to something else, all under the guise of a war on terror. There is no such thing as a war on terror because it can’t really be defined. Terror is everywhere, always has and always will. Under this direction, there will be no end and that is no longer acceptable. As I write this the US congress plans an Iran war powers vote (we should start shitting ourselves now). In 20 years we have gone from Kuwait to Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, and now the biggest prick in the region Iran, and it started in Iraq.

Who will have the balls to say enough and bring everybody home? We are not going to put democracy in this region. It did not work in Korea or Vietnam, it will not work here. They don’t want it, they are tribal and have been throwing stones at each other for 5000 years, let them settle it. We can’t justify it for oil, we are already the largest oil producer in the world. So, why are we here? I don’t want to hear this “we will leave a void shit anymore”   

This brings me to the latest flare-up, why now? Is it possibly due to all the impeachment noise? It seems a bit coincidental to me. Are we to believe in all the years this is the best chance we had to kill this terrorist, General Suleimani, outside a public airport. I’m not questioning he should be killed, I am questioning the time and place. Sometimes simple is best. We pack up and go home with this message, we are done, no winner and no loser. You do your thing we will do ours. We will not screw with you and you don’t screw with us. If you do, we take the gloves off and fight on our terms, no rules since you don’t follow them and we bring it all, even if it means killing everything. We need to stop putting people in harm’s way without a plan, a goal, and an exit. Reagan more or less delivered that message to Gaddafi and he was quiet as a mouse for more two decades. Japan learned the hard way. This current approach is just plain stupid.

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