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Global Warming

The Australian Crisis

What is happening in Australia is terrible. The country needs help from everybody and looking at those photos of all those animals is killing me. I heard it has been estimated that 1 billion animals are affected and some species could be totally wiped out.

The question now becomes, did global warming cause the fire? The answer is no, but hear me out. It is really the way the narrative takes shape that does more damage to the issue than helps. The fires are not the direct cause of global warming unless you believe in spontaneous combustion. The issue is the bigger picture and the effects of global warming overall, making this much worse and that is a fact. It is a fact because the data points to it. They know the temperature has risen by 1 degree over the last 100 years, this is the hottest season on record, and the wind, which fuels the fire is worse than it has ever been. The excessive heat, the lack of rain (drought) and the strong wind, all due to global warming has made this fire the worse ever.

Every year Australia has wildfires, the US does also. Even in this instance, they know of some lightning strikes and arson. The arsonists should be tossed in the fire for being jackasses, but we can discuss that at another time. It does not help to conflate every problem with the issue of the moment. When we do this it takes away from the importance and people begin to tune it out.

This is not really a new issue, I remember as a kid talking about aerosol cans and the damage to the ozone. That might be the start of the conversation and now it is a full-blown major issue.  What we have to remember is a couple of things, stick to the facts and present the data in a way people can understand it. Be honest about it and find a way, more than anything to link it to a person’s everyday life. Something like this is so big and the changes are so subtle it is hard to notice. Try and explain global warming to somebody in the northeast, in March, shoveling 15 inches of snow. They will tell you to go shit in your hat. When it does not impact people on a daily basis it is more out of sight out of mind.

When you think of everything people go through daily just to get by, health issues, jobs, security, food, children, etc… it is easy to see how something without an immediate impact on their daily life goes a bit unnoticed. It does not help when people in government disregard the science, I have seen some information the Australian government has questioned the science behind global warming, unfortunately in the US also, and I’m sure many other countries. Because everything, including our day to day lives, is always looked at in the short term we lose sight of the long term. What are some simple things people can do in their everyday life they can relate to and help with the global warming issue? It is complicated, I don’t know what I can do myself. We drive fuel-efficient cars, we recycle, we don’t waste water, we turn off lights, we even buy earth-friendly products where we can. What can people do differently? We can’t expect the government or business to do it all, but they are a player and a big player. In a business sense, most companies that look long term are the most successful because they are out front and ready as changes come. We need to find a way to think long term and relate it to short term daily life. Everybody and every country will need some skin in the game now, or there will be no long term.

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