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Technology – What Do You Use Most

When you think of all the technology changes over the last 20 years, what would be something you consider your favorite or most used? Some technology changed so fast it seems like a distant memory. Remember the palm pilot? Everybody at one time or another had to have one of these. I think they were around 300-500 bucks, now they are gone, replaced by the phone. You can do everything on your phone now.

What about banking? There have been tremendous changes in banking, for general activity, there is almost no need to go into a bank today. I may go into a branch once or twice a year, mainly to sign some account papers, and I work for a bank. Today you can pay all your bills online, open an account online and even deposit checks with a photo.

Probably nothing has changed more than shopping. Most retail establishments are struggling because you can get anything online. The Behemoth, Amazon can fill every need and many things the same day, even food! The impact is so great retailers had to establish an online presence to keep up. Every year you hear of more and more store closings, and some strip malls are now vacant.

The auto industry has many tech innovations, I can’t think of them all but a few are; backup cameras, car identification in your blind spot and some auto brake systems to avoid a collision.

What about music and movies? It was not too long ago you would go to a video store to rent a videotape, the late fees killed me 😆. The last Blockbuster is in Bend Oregon. A whole industry is gone. The person who owned blockbuster was so rich he owned the Miami Dolphins at one time. At the time almost every town had a blockbuster or some video store. Does anybody buy CDs? I know records are more or less gone, cassette and 8-track too. All this media is now streaming. You can buy individual songs or for a monthly fee, listen to any song you want. There streaming services like Pandora and Spotify to name a couple. The streaming TV services are numerous now, Hulu, NetFlix, Amazon (see there they are again), Disney and many others. It has been so long since I watched regular TV I forget how to switch back to my cable box.

These changes have altered the landscape and old businesses are gone with new business replacing them. New jobs and new opportunities. You could actually get everything you need and never leave your house. You can pay your bills, order food delivery, grocery, and just about any product without stepping foot outside. I don’t recommend it but it is possible.  

I would say for me my favorite change, not the most used but used enough is GPS. I use streaming services and shopping online daily but if there is one I like the best, it is GPS. It was not long ago when it first came out you bought the windshield mounted Garmin, and it was pricy. Even this technology has changed quite a bit. You now have it embedded in a car, on your phone, even on activity trackers (never touched on those) I remember back in the day dragging out a map and tracking all the roads from starting point to endpoint. Even if you went a town or two over you had to take notes; at the third light go right, at the fork stay left, when you get to McDonald’s turn around you went too far. What a nightmare. Today you just punch in the address and off you go easy peasy. To me, this is one of the best technological advances and has helped tremendously.

2 thoughts on “Technology – What Do You Use Most

  1. We like Alexa. She turns our lights on/off; locks & unlocks doors, tells us the time/weather at any hour of the day, monitors our heating system when we’re away for the winter…no frozen pipes! PLUS plays whatever music we baby boomers prefer (paging Van Morrison!). You like GPS because you moved away from New England where the streets & landmarks never change! LOL

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  2. Like so many of our age group (I am 76) I try very hard to learn technology but becomes very frustrating but it’s the way of the future. I do a lot of my buying online and now I am starting to stream, thanks to my son

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