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Enough Spam

Spam is becoming a bigger nuisance daily. I’m not talking about the meat in a can, that is very tasty, I’m talking about the annoying sales calls, emails and now pings on my blog. I know companies can block this but it is a major issue for regular everyday people, I know my mom will call me asking what spam is. I’m not sure what laws exist here and I’m not sure how well it could ever be enforced. I guess the federal law blocking unsolicited phone calls works a bit if you register but the email and dings to a blog can be a challenge.

Almost daily I get multiple calls from Steve and Kathy, not their real names since they have strong Indian accents but I do give them high marks for being persistent. I just do not want nor can I use solar panels so please stop calling. They are even immune to the Seinfeld line, I use it often, “Why don’t you give me your home number and I will call you back tonight” that does not work. They are right back at it 4 hours later. Maybe I will just place an order for 50 panels and see where that goes.

Now we have Instagram, I’m not a big social media user. I look at and like pictures of animals mostly, some sports and I post funny pictures of my dinosaurs, my wife is starting to wonder about me and my dino’s. I can be very creative with only two rubber dinosaurs. These posts are then followed by what seemingly looks like an old lady, and when I follow them back I get the usual “Hello” message followed by pictures of a woman with their hooters hanging out. Please, for the love of god how did you get to hooters from my dino pic? I don’t need hooter pictures and if I did, I can type hooters on a browser. Now I have to unfollow or block. Maybe if I post pictures of dinosaurs with hooters I will actually get old ladies looking for real followers. I just really want you to read my block and laugh at my pictures, button up the hooters, please.

Now that I have a blog, which I enjoy and I hope people like it, I get more spam. Almost on every post. Typically, how to find sexy woman, or Russian dating (It is possible this might be for Trump), or beautiful girls in your city. Again, how do you think I want or need that based on my blog? Nothing has been remotely close to that and I have a beautiful girl already. I don’t respond so stop trying. Don’t these people have anything better to do than just set up bots to send this crap out? I hope it is a bot or they really have no life. Well, that is my rant for today. I think I will go buy a can of spam, befriend an old lady that likes dino pics and get ready to delete a pile of nonsense from this post because I said hooters.

One thought on “Enough Spam

  1. Like so many I am so tired of calls that have nothing to do with what I may want. It’s sad that I even gets calls from fire and police and it’s not a person but a recording. I am sure it will get worst.

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