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Is Money A Motivator?

Does money act as a motivator? I think for some it is, especially when you are younger. I was guilty of that mainly because I was just getting started, supporting myself and trying to establish my career and work life.  

As I look back on that it probably was not really money and in general, money is never a motivator, it is pride, pride in doing a job well that drives people, and is a real motivator. If you do that, with that midset the money will take care of itself. I remember something my parents told me when I was young, “if you are going to do it then do it well or don’t bother”

If you don’t have a passion for what you do it will not matter how much you get paid and it will be reflected in your performance, sure you might do just enough to get by, but others will notice. At some point, it will catch up with you. Those are the rare few and I say rare because most people take pride in what they do, it shows. No business would survive with a staff filled with people only doing it for the buck.

One thing I do pass onto my kids, the saying my parents always told me, but I also add this, if you are just chasing the dollar, and the job sucks, no matter how big the raise, the job will always suck. At that point, you owe it to yourself and your employer to go elsewhere.

I’m very fortunate I worked my whole life for only three companies; Digital Equipment (now long gone but at the time they were a tech monster) that company gave me my start. The last two both financial firms, one I’m still with, and closing in on twelve years. They were all great companies and treated me very well. All provided great environments to learn, grow and improve my salary. Each provided me the ability to expand my career. Along with that, the money was always getting better.

At my age I still have pride in my job, sure a raise is great when you get one but it is not really important all that much. I like what I do, I am treated well, and I have pride in what I do. I’m also offered and have the chance to always learn something new. I don’t think any of this would be possible if I was constantly chasing the dollar, but at the end of the day it all worked out. I guess you can’t complain about that when you have been in the workforce for over 35 years. The average time in a job is about 3.2 years for 25-34-year-olds. For people aged sixty-five, it is 10.5 years. I’m not quite 65, but with age comes wisdom and I beat both numbers across the employment spectrum. I am proud of that. As much as I needed to increase my salary as I started out, like everybody else it always came down to a few things; do I like what I do, do I like where I do it and with the people, and finally am I taking pride in what I do. I can chase every recruiter that pings me but I never return those messages. There is no reason to.

2 thoughts on “Is Money A Motivator?

  1. I agree with most everything you note on your blog but I still feel that money is a strong motivator. It never was for me when I was working, now retired, but my husband was strongly motivated by money

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    1. From a job perspective, yes, short term. I have seen many people leave for more money and what looked like greener pastures only to call and see if their job was available to come back too. I’m not retired yet, hope to someday soon. You could be correct on that one :). Thank you.


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