I See Dumb People

I am never surprised by the lengths people will go to show their stupidity. In a day of “zero tolerance”, this is a winner in a class alone. If you are a Christian or can I say just posing as a Christian wouldn’t you have some common sense, compassion, or understanding of others? This level of no tolerance is absurd. I hate that saying, to begin with, but disguising it under this event is beyond stupid.

A Christian school in Kentucky, Whitefield Academy, has expelled a girl due to a picture of her celebrating her birthday. The reason, a rainbow-colored cake and sweater. The connection of course is that this represents the gay community, really? The girl and the family were not making such statements but is that relevant? She was out with her family, not causing a problem and pictures of the event were shared on social media. The school saw them and expelled her. It portrays the school in a way contrary to their beliefs I suppose. Listen up, the only thing that exposed the school to anything is the jackasses who made this an issue.

People do not hate or have a certain disposition to anything, it is taught and is this the message that should be portrayed by a Christian school, to a group of young people. I would think you would be more tolerant and not march to the absurd “zero tolerance” mantra. The school is hiding behind the code of conduct policy, apparently, the school states the student has violated it many times? If you read the article those couple of incidents are pretty lame. Now the perception of supporting a gay color scheme is too much.

What somebody does outside, on their own time should have no reflection on anybody or anything unless there is a blatant attempt to disparage or damage someone or something. I am pretty sure you can’t make that connection from a sweater or a cake. The odd part of all this, nobody would know about this if the school had a bit of common sense, something we are lacking more and more every day.

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