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I Am Now Convinced, Nothing Surprises Me

I don’t have a blog that has one topic, like some who write about cooking or working out. Even my daughter’s blog is all about nutrition and my wife is all about teaching and photography

I am more varied and blog about my interests in a broader view, be it sports, politics, news, or just something that pops into my twisted mind. I would like to blog more about places I go, and the traveling I do, that will happen more as I progress. If you have not seen my blog posts on a recent trip to Brazil, please check it out. First, to do more of that I have to travel more and I still work full time.  

For now, I will focus on everyday topics, I’m never lost for a topic. Some I jot town for a later time and some require much thought like the topic on the death penalty. I also love the oddity of the world around me and the truly absurd.

That brings me to this post, A man is suing Pornhub for lack of subtitles. I kid you not, here is the link. Honestly, I’m not sure what is more absurd, the lawyer taking the case or the guy actually filing the case. I guess it is true, everybody wants their five minutes of fame. If you are not aware Pornhub is a porn site with videos, technology reaches everywhere and everything, porn is no exception.

I’m wondering why he is watching porn but obsessed with subtitles? Really? I think I can help him out, he can keep this, no copyright infringement. I’m sure the subtitles would go something like this;

Oh Oh Oh

Give it to me

Oh baby

you like it like that

yes, yes, yes

Of course, you have some looping rhythmic beat of the music, really bad actors, and not much dialogue which makes the whole subtitle thing laughable.

He can probably loop this over all the videos since it will probably never change, glad to help. I wonder if he is involved in an actual encounter does he hire somebody with sign language skills? On a more serious note, do we really need our courtrooms filled or our judges hearing this nonsense? Sometimes it is just too stupid but like they say one lawyer in town starves, two lawyers in town live like kings. Drop this nonsense and let’s move on.

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