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Healthy Dining ?

I don’t get it, why do fast food restaurants seem to think they need healthy options? Anybody that is looking to eat healthily would never go to these places, why? I mean McDonald’s has a clown, Wendy’s has a cartoon girl in pigtails and burger king has a psychopathic looking plastic king as faces of the chains. Hardly the presentation of serious healthy food.

Yes, I go to McDonald’s. I love the egg sandwich and the double quarter pounder, large fries, and of course a diet coke. Maybe the diet coke defeats the purpose of this blog post. Anyway, it can’t be for market share all these places do quite well; McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Burger King are the top three. I’m not thinking healthy, I’m thinking tasty and fast.

I go because I like it. I know it is not great for me but it is tasty. I remember my dad telling me the first time he had a McDonald’s cheeseburger, he loved it, thought it was the best he ever had. It is like I said tasty, it is meant to be tasty, fast and not what you would consider top cuisine or good for you but that is not the point.

I can’t believe they did some market analysis that indicated a need for veggie burgers or this new meatless burger. If you want that stuff go to the places that specialize in healthy dining. I get the salad deal, ok salad with crispy fried chicken is ok but not this other nonsense.

Does anybody go to a Simply Fresh market looking for greasy hamburgers or fries? Would they sell it? It is like working for RJ Reynolds and asking where the no-smoking section is or working for Jack Danials and you are a member of AA. You just don’t go to these places for healthy food.

I can’t see anybody ever saying “Boy I’m hungry, let’s go to McDonald’s, or Burger King, or Wendys for a healthy meal” Is there some large contingent of people leaving the gym thinking, man I could use a triple bacon burger from Wendy’s.

That’s just my nutty observation for today. I think I will get the healthy croissant with the egg, cheese, and sausage from Dunkin Donuts. Yes, another tasty establishment for the health-conscious.

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