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Regardless of the reason and I’m not making a determination on the current process with Trump, impeachment is never good for the country. It damages the way we look to the world, it impacts our level of trust with our allies and what other countries think of us.

We have had only had three impeachments in this country, let’s leave out Andrew Johnson in 1868 for this topic. In my opinion, we started becoming a very partisan country in 1974 when Nixon resigned. He was going to be impeached and most likely convicted. The mistake Ford made was to pardon Nixon in an attempt to heal the country. The process should have been resolved with impeachment, or a trial and a conviction post resigning. Nixon, as many people think was forced to resign over recordings in the oval office, many presidents make recordings. The mistake Nixon made was lying about the destruction of the recordings and the fact he knew about the Watergate break-in. He most definitely would have been convicted. The pardon jaded everybody’s opinion on how we would look at the way the government operates, not something Ford anticipated.

Let’s jump ahead almost 25 years to 1998 when Clinton was impeached. This started with Paula Jones suing Clinton for sexual harassment. A charge that was not proved. Regardless of what we think or if he did it, the charge could not be met. This brought forward the Monica Lewinsky issue which was discovered from secret recordings of Monica, from Linda Tripp who turned to Ken Star, the special prosecutor, that led to a wiretap. I’m pretty sure you can’t record people without their consent. Clinton under oath lied to congress about any sexual involvement. This is where the impeachment comes in.  

Yes, Clinton lied but did he really do any damage to the country and is he the first to lie to congress? Nope. Is this really an impeachable offense? Nope, but the point I’m trying to make, this is partisan politics. This serious charge and the weight it carries has to have real merit and value. He got a blow job, his wife should be concerned, not the US Congress or Senate.

Lets now jump ahead 22 more years to the current situation. We again have a president impeached and we are again playing partisan politics. All democrats are in favor all republicans are against and this is the issue I think that has roots with Nixon and made worse with the Clinton fiasco. Isn’t the idea with an impeachment, regardless of party to do the correct thing. If it is true that he extorted a foreign country for information on a political opponent, which is scarily similar to Nixon then is it not the obligation to impeach and convict. Just as serious, if these charges have no merit shouldn’t the house and senate do the correct thing and stop. This is more question of what is correct for the country not what a party marches toward. Since we are in full election mode we should present the evidence, whatever it is and let it be decided at the ballot box. If you swing and miss and that is likely given the votes in the Senate, it may just be a get out of jail free card. You can’t go to the well twice. As Americans, we should all be very concerned.

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