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Being A Dad

I never considered myself overly talented at anything particular. I never thought I had a real passion for anything. That is not to mean I’m some slug, I just always saw myself as a regular guy, a hard worker with a pretty good job. I am always impressed with people that had real talent and a passion for things like art, music, and education, to name a few. Not that they were famous, but had a skill in these areas, and loved doing them. I can’t draw a stick figure, I dabble a bit with the guitar but I will never be very good. I don’t have the chops for it, and I don’t have the passion to practice constantly.

I was mistaken. The other day I was reminded about what I am good at and what I do have a passion for, being a dad.  I love being a dad, I love everything about it. It is a job with a lifetime appointment and you can’t ask for more than that. I have been very fortunate to have three kids; one girl and two boys. Two from birth and one came into my life at the age of 12. All have different and unique ways, and all provide me with more joy and amazement every day.

I guess when you do something every day you lose sight of the role they have to you and you to them. One year ago we watched our daughter get her master’s degree. This is no easy task and much more difficult in her field. We were all very proud, watching her take that walk for that diploma. This almost seemed like a natural progression for her, she had a passion for school. To now watch her accomplishments, take her skills to the real world and really start her life journey leaves me with a great sense of pride.

Our two boys reminded me of this again, just the other day. Both have some unique challenges, one of which was not the ease our daughter had in school. I’m most impressed by what they are accomplishing. Son number one started to figure out his journey about a year ago, he enrolled in college all on his own, something I never expected. Then just this week he completed his EMT certification, passing both tests with a minimum amount of questions. He basically had enough correct answers there was no point in having to complete all the questions. On the same day boy number two, still in high school brought home 3 A’s 3 B’s and a C. I would say that is honor roll material right there. The amazing part about this, he did it all in the last six years when English was almost his second language, and it took 3+ hours a night to complete his homework, with help. Today those grades are with no help on anything. I’m one proud and happy dad because I know whatever happens they will be fine in life.

If anybody says parenting is a hard job, they are wrong and they just are not doing it correctly. There will be days where you just shake your head. There will be days where you are challenged. There will be days when it has to be no and days where it should be no, but you have to let them figure it out and learn. No matter what happens or what actions you take, if they know they are loved they will understand why you did what you did. That is really the secret to often forgotten. I realize that was my foundation growing up so maybe that was just natural for me. I always try to know when to push, when to let up and when to guide. Use the KISS method, keep it simple stupid. If you love them, spend time with them and stay involved. Everything will be just fine. Maybe this is not a talent, but it is a passion. I am glad for this lifetime job, I would not trade it for anything and I know there are more great and impressive things I will see knowing I played a small part in making it happen.

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