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Memories Of The Past

I remember all these things from a time gone by. Some may still exist, in another way, for example, the oil in a car is still changed, but I never see anybody doing it in the driveway anymore. There are faster cheaper ways with businesses that do it now. Some might be regional, like the vegetable and fruit cart. It would come by daily, where my grandmother lived. I’m sure they still have maps but why would you need one? I was not even thinking stores or food chains but circuit city is gone, sears is almost gone, and most of Kmart. The retail industry will be gone completely or look vastly different in the near future. Howard Johnson, Burger Chef, and Kenny Rogers (had to mention this because it was in Seinfeld)🤣 are all gone.

Rotary dial phones.




Placing a call with only the last 4 digits.

Collect calls.

Dialing 411 to get a phone number.

Drive-in movies.

Saturday cartoons.

A milkman.

Laundry hung out to dry.

The fruit and vegetable cart coming by.

Getting a soda from a drug store fountain.

Going shopping before malls.

Changing the oil in your car.

Film cameras.

Drive-in Restaurants.


Cassette, 8-Track tapes, and records.

Am Radio only.

Cars with the big metal antenna.

The small triangle window in cars.

The shifter on the column of a car.

Crank to roll down car windows.

VHF and UHF stations.

Black and White TV.

TV with no remote.

VHS tapes.

Beta Tapes.

The hard stick of gum in sports cards.



Home antenna / no cable.

No internet.

Before there were PC’s.

Mimeograph machine.

Metal blade hockey skates.

Only wood bats.

Only wood hockey sticks.

Convers Allstars before they were retro.

CB Radios.

The Leisure suit.


I’m sure as people read this more will come to mind. I’m probably also dating myself a bit. I hope you enjoy it. If you think of something I missed please comment, I would like to see what others remember, even if it is regional.

One thought on “Memories Of The Past

  1. Blockbuster. Recording from the radio and rushing to hit stop before the host talked. Walkmans. I miss the vent windows in cars. Doctors’ house calls and their ability to say what you had and treat quickly. Maps still exist and I will always love them. Shoulder pads are not missed but I saw corduroy pants the other day, I kinda like them. 😂


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