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Anytime we hear of somebody passing, especially a family member we go through a range of emotions. It impacts people in many ways from grief, shock, anger, and disbelief to name a few.  Kobe’s family is feeling all of those.

Every year Time magazine publishes a piece on the people we lost the previous year. Before we know it, it will be next year, I know that it is hard to imagine in January, but we will blink, a year will pass, and we will look back at that article and think of Kobe.

Our culture has created an environment where we become very close, even at a distance with sports figures, celebrities, entertainers, and even in a strange way with these internet sensations. It is not uncommon throughout the year to hear of somebody passing in any of these categories, some more famous than others, some more visible depending on where our interests are, and it has different impacts depending on the person and the people that relate to them. We hear of somebody either current or in the past that passed away in any of these fields and it is a small line item, maybe you never heard of them and you really don’t think about it. It only has an impact on that person’s family. Then you have a Kobe…

Kobe was one of those rare individuals that crossed over from the sporting world into the conscious of almost everybody. You did not really have to be a basketball fan to know who he was. He burst onto the scene as an 18-year-old out of high school. Played 20 years in the NBA at the highest levels and retired as one of the top 100 players in the history of the game. Almost everybody has heard of him. Kobe’s passing touched people in all the range of emotions, not just his family. People had a connection with him. We watched him grow and mature from a teen to a man.

Our connection to him could be for the way he played, the time he played, and not just for basketball fans. He was a rare talent that was out in the community, he was relatable. He is one of those rare individuals, even as time passes and we see a reminder, even 20 years from now, we will stop and reflect back, has it been that long, already?

When a person dies it hits us in a different way for many reasons. Sometimes it is easy to grapple with if the person was old or ill, but when it strikes quickly in a shocking way to such a young person, it stops you in your tracks. In this case a very young healthy person but let’s not lose sight of the others that died also including Kobe’s 13-year-old daughter. All those families are suffering also. This does not impact me personally. It was terrible to hear and my connection was at the fan level. I’m shocked and feel bad for his family but it does make me think of my own mortality and my family. For his wife, kids and family they say time heals. I don’t really think so. They will cope and with time hopefully get on with their life but it can never be quite the same. His family and not just the sporting world lost a good one…

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