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This Is Why Socialism Is Wrong

This is why I get really bothered by politics and politicians in general that do not understand history and how economics and freedom are linked. Socialism has never worked in the way some people would like you to believe. Sure, they point to the free medical and education all the time, this is basically the platform Bernie Sanders runs on. He talks a bit about how he opposed the war but that is the extent of his foreign policy. His whole message, and not just him, is around how much the rich get and how they don’t pay for their fair share, or how corporate America is corrupt. Bernie never tells you he is one of the rich, but once again Bernie is wrong and goes too far. He calls himself a democratic socialist which is just smoke and mirrors for the fact he is a socialist, period. He also never tells you all those great places that practice “democratic socialism” pay very high taxes and have limited mobility. How many people leave the USA to live someplace else for better economic opportunity or freedom? About zero.

What Bernie fails too tell you, JPMorgan Chase did not take the amount of money Bernie claims. What is also left out; JPMorgan Chase did not want the money, JPMorgan Chase did not need the money, and JPMorgan Chase never used the money. In fact, Chase returned the money to the government the first day they were allowed to. It was never mentioned that JPMorgan Chase was forced to take the money from the government because all the other large financial institutions needed it, and the idea was to keep it all the same for all financial institutions.

What you are also not told, JPMorgan Chase bought Bears Stern at the government’s request, they were one of the prime financial institutions that started the crisis in 2008. Also, JPMorgan Chase purchased Washington Mutual another crap financial institution. Neither of these purchases benefited JPMorgan Chase, in fact, it increased their risk. The truth BERNIE, JPMorgan Chase bailed out the government.

Sure, I would like to see no stupid wars, better medical for everybody, fewer costs to attend college and more ways to help the less advantaged, this is called growing the middle class and has been a cornerstone of what this country was founded on. Bernie, that was done with the free market and capitalism, not more taxation, Socialism, and free everything that has been growing over that 30 years. A government big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take everything you have. “Thomas Jefferson” Jefferson seems like a pretty smart cat, he wrote a cool document that makes for interesting reading.

Now let me tell you something about JPMorgan Chase from personal experience. They are great corporate citizens and Jamie Dimon is a fantastic leader, one of the best in the world. They do an amazing amount of work in the communities, donating millions and lending to small businesses. They help revitalize cities like Detroit and constantly get involved in many local events by encouraging employees to get involved and support those groups and events. They have a division solely to recruit and hire veterans. I see it first hand. They employ over 250,000 people with good jobs that pay well with good benefits. They contribute to our retirement and extra every year above what was expected. The training they offer every employee, not just your typical compliance training but extra training free of charge. This is just some of what JPMorgan Chase does.

Bernie, you are way off base and misinformed when it comes to JPMorgan Chase as one of your targets. You have a lack of understanding concerning economics and where the actual problems exist. You should be finding ways to promote capitalism and the free market system, that is America. This is a great country and always has been, why change what we are? It is through the freedoms it provides that allows you to run for president, and become pretty rich yourself. You continue to talk a bunch of nonsense and fail to recognize this system has raised more people out of poverty and provided for the greatest amount of wealth and strongest middle class the world has ever seen. Find a way to bring people up not a way to bring people down under the guise of equality.

One thought on “This Is Why Socialism Is Wrong

  1. Too bad Bernie doesn’t read your blog. In your blog I received a history of JP Morgan chase very informative. I do not agree with Bernie’s politics nor his direction for our country you cannot give free anything there will always be a price and not necessarily money. Great blog thank you

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