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I Could Have Been A Fashion Mogul

I could have been a world-class fashion designer, but my parents discouraged my vision and rise to fame. What could have been? As a kid, I constantly ripped my jeans. I had holes in the pockets, tears around the cuff and mostly big holes in my knees. My parents tried patches and sewing. Nothing worked, I kept getting holes in my knees. They wanted to know just what the hell I did to my pants. Little did they know I was starting a trend 50 years ago that never got off the ground. We could have been loaded if they allowed my vision to continue.

Their solution, find nondestructive jeans. They succeeded, back in the day every penny counted and my parents can stretch a buck like a pro, they wrote the book on it. Have you ever seen or heard of tough skins? They were a line out of sears and you could not tear these jeans. Here is the marketing slogan.

Toughskins, a line of clothing sold by Sears, Roebuck and Co. which were primarily marketed for their durability. When launched, the line only consisted of children’s jeans which were sold with the guarantee that children would grow out of them before the pants wore out.”


Now, you are not going to be the coolest kid on the block with those jeans, but by age 12 I was out of my destructive phase and back into a more appropriate jean, Levi’s, but back to my fashion designer career that was snuffed out.

Have you seen kids walking around today? All the jeans are torn, I invented that shit and somebody else is getting the credit! Some of these jeans have less cloth than a pair of shorts, there is almost nothing there. My daughter wears them and my son, he has them on right now. I had the idea but I guess not the vision. In what frame of mind is a person when they say, “let’s, make ripped jeans and sell them.” How is it possible people buy them? I remember my dad saying to my daughter “did you pay money for those?”

I have no idea how trends start, I really have no idea how somebody thought ripped jeans would sell or why. Do they start out with ripped and torn fabric and make jeans or do they start out as perfectly normal jeans then somebody tears the crap out of them? To think at 10 years old I had the answer with no idea how to market them. I wish I had those old jeans now, I could sell them to kids for the fashion and call them retro styles. I’m always behind the curve.

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