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Final Verdict

A few weeks back I wrote a post about the impeachment, here is the link. I did not take a side, I spoke about the past three impeachments, the current state of this process, and my last sentence mentioned, we should be very concerned as a country.

Now that the process is done, here is my follow-up and I’m more concerned than ever. We should all feel that way. Again, it is not so much about the outcome and more about what we witnessed. We tend to forget what and who we are, we are confused as Americans to believe we are a democracy. In fact, we are a republic with a representative democracy, and they are not the same. Here is how it is defined by a pretty smart guy, John Adams, one of the framers of the constitution, a cool document that starts with “We the People”

A constitutional republic is a form of indirect democracy where the representatives are elected, and the rules are set down in a written constitution. It is often simply called a “republic”. … John Adams said that a constitutional republic was “a government of laws and not of people”.

Imagine if you were robbed on the street and the criminal fled the scene. Something was presented to the state prosecutor that warranted a charge of robbery. It was discovered there were witnesses, documents, and people willing to speak, but it was determined by a few people, none of that would be allowed. The trial was held and the criminal set free. I’m not implying Trump was guilty or innocent, but in a nutshell, that is what happened. As an American and especially Trump, wouldn’t you want all the evidence heard so that you could walk out and show that you were correct? Are you not tainted now due to these questions? Are we not taught and has the country not been built on a rule of law, if you are correct you have nothing to worry about, the law would prove you innocent. This was tried and decided by people not the laws or with all the evidence.

This is where we should all be concerned, the law was not followed. One party held another party hostage due to superior numbers. It is what the founders feared the most, a democracy “rule by the mob” or what they called majority rule, it circumvents the process, it eliminates the rule of law, the most essential piece of how we were founded.

The fact that both parties voted along party lines, except for one person, this is dangerous and shows just how far we have drifted from who we are. Ben Franklin said, “a republic if you can keep it”, apparently we can’t. A country falls from within, the cracks are there and the world sees it. If this ship is not put back on course this country will fall and the world will be in danger far greater than you can imagine.

The word Democracy is not in the constitution or declaration of independence. The government was for the people by the people, based on a rule of law, and the people were entitled to hear all the evidence. If you are following any of the debates, and you should, there is a constant statement being made, “we need to take our country back” which implies it was taken from us and no longer a government for the people. Regardless of who you support you should be very concerned about what just happened, you were robbed on the street.

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