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Capitalism And The Election

I have always been a bit of a political and history junky. I think it is important to understand where we come from, to see some parallels to the world today, and where we are going. I have voted the spectrum with no real party affiliation, I have voted for a candidate from republican, democrat and independent parties. I would consider myself a fiscally conservative and socially liberal. I am a capitalist.

I watch each town hall and debate to see who may line up best with what this country needs and what appeals to me. I will never vote on a specific agenda item, and god knows there are a few that I could, but I really look at things that would benefit the country the best as a whole. I believe the better the country does and the people in the country will always benefit me too.

I’m a firm believer that we should not demonize the rich just because they are rich. In most cases, those people worked very hard for what they achieved, and that should never be looked down on. I’m also a supporter of big business. They employ a lot of people and many times with very good jobs. I have one of those jobs.

However, I don’t think it is a good idea to continue the policies that benefit the very big or very rich exclusively. I would never use the argument they have enough or they should do more but they also do not need to have things slanted in their favor. Having said that I do not believe the republican party has come up with any new ideas in this area, to find ways to benefit or help the majority of people. I’m also not in favor of making everything “Free” nothing is free, somebody will pay, but to continue down this path of benefiting the wealthy exclusively is becoming complete nonsense. Some of the biggest capitalists in the world already have said they would pay more, have planned to give away their fortunes, donate tremendous amounts of money and I think they are in favor and have said just change the law. Which party has refused to change these laws?

That brings me to what I’m hearing in these debates, some very good ideas that will just help balance the scales a bit. We should not look at them as all socialist ideas. They are ideas, and if we work together to take those ideas, work across party lines, I’m sure we can change some of those laws to help a great many people.

When you have a company like Amazon that pays 0.00 in taxes and you have people that can’t get any help to better their lives, something is truly wrong. This country was built on immigrants coming here, improving their lives and in turn helping the whole country. We can’t continue to erode the way we became what we are and expect to continue to be what we were.

Look at this from another perspective, kind of like a house. You never build a house from the second floor down or add on to a house without shoring up the structure. We have grown to the point we are getting too top-heavy, when something gets too top-heavy it falls. In 1929 we got too top-heavy, the depression started, and we fell, the world suffered. In 2008 we were close again except we had a massive bailout, only because we could, due to a much bigger economy. The economy must be looked at as a way to foster growth, capitalism, promotion of self individualism, something it always did, and what makes it great, but also a way for people, who start out at the bottom with a way to grow up as the foundation still grows strong, like a feeder system in sports, from the minors up to the big leagues. Of course, these are analogies but I think they help better understand what we are lacking. An eroding foundation and feeder system with no place to go.

I am not an advocate for socialism and all these ideas I’m hearing need some checks and balances, nothing can just be given without some check of success and improvements. I’m fairly certain most people don’t want a free ride, just a little help. The more people we have doing better the more we all do better. What made the united states the greatest country in the world is the middle class, that is almost all but gone.

Look at these ideas with an open mind, what is being asked for is not outrageous, it is so small in actual money the impact is about nothing to the top earners in the country. If you look back over history, post-depression that went on almost four years, it was social programs that paved the way. It is time to maybe look at some social programs to make another push forward. If you did not realize it that generation became the greatest generation with the largest growth at any point in our history. It was done on the basis of helping with the greatest amount of programs to benefit the greatest amount of people. I do know this, if we continue down this path there will be a point we will be faced with the fact we should have tried something other than the status quo.

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