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Just Some Things That Come To Mind

I will take one corona with a lime virus, please. No, really, are we making more of this than it is? I’m not trying to overlook this or make lite of it, but it seems with each year we make things bigger than they are. It seems like we are trying to create a panic. From what I see, it is not any worse than the Flu and actually not any worse than several other viruses of recent past. I guess we will just have to see where this goes.

You know the saying “does a bear shit in the woods” well yea, he does. Unless we stop encroaching on nature’s space, you may find him shitting in your front yard. The same goes for the tree, it does make a noise when it falls, regardless if anybody is around to hear it.

As I get older I spend more of my free time working. It is not really free time anymore if I want to stay relevant in the changing workforce. I am constantly taking classes and improving my skills. This was fine when I was in my 20’s and 30’s but now, do it or lose it.

Remember when Thursday night was a must-watch TV on NBC? Well, that is any night there is a democratic debate this year. Man, I’m going to miss the election season. There is some real knock down drag out fights now. I love it. I think Biden will have a heart attack in the next month, that guy is constantly angry.

Have you ever notice those people that are constantly happy? From sun up to sundown, always smiling and happy. I hate them. I find it annoying, especially early in the morning. Nobody should be that happy, even at Christmas. They tend to be close talkers too.

People should read more. I love to read and unfortunately, I got away from it over the last few years. Now when I’m not taking training classes, I read. I hope you saw my posts on hockey legend “Bobby Orr” or the Alex Haley novel “Roots”. I did go back and try to watch the mini-series. I’m sure it was good 40+ years ago, but after reading the book, the show sucked. I’m reading about Winston Churchill now. A remarkable man. More to come on that.

Thinking along the election season, the old saying goes, we get what we ask for. Having said that, if you are bitching, go to the polls or shut the hell up. Since we are so divisive, is that because of the government or is it because of the people? A little philosophical question for you, we don’t have to be.

I stand by my assessment. Tom Brady signs with another team. Nothing lasts forever and he is too old for 30+ million a year. I am and always will be a Patriots fan but he is not worth that money now. I do have a post on that.

Is it just me or does anybody else like messing with telemarketers? Last week I started to place an order for 50 solar panels. That Indian guy named “Steve” of course, not his real name almost lost his shit when he figured I was screwing with him. Sometimes you just have to make your own fun.

If I hear one more time, these new fake meat products, are just as tasty as meat or chicken, my head will explode. All I hear, it tastes like beef or chicken. I’d rather have the real thing, thanks. Would you buy a Ford if they said it drove like a BMW when you can have a BMW? No.

Did you see that guy from Japan just turned 112 two weeks ago? They gave him a party and he died the next week. I don’t think I want to live that long, but since I eat a lot of beef and chicken, I probably will not. Next week I’m off to Ruth Chris 😊

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