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Almost Seems Funny

Does anybody else find it strange that we have a billionaire Republican president that was a life long democrat?  While the Democrats had a republican masquerading as a democrat also a billionaire? Both switched parties for political gain. I would think this shows more allegiance to themselves and power than the American people.

Stay with me on this, It is even stranger that the democratic party that preaches; diversity, inclusion, and support women, LGBT, or the middle class while vilifying the elite upper 1% and big business. While doing this, both candidates left in the race from a field that included; women, black women, black men, an Asian, a gay man, and a Latino. The best they can deliver, two old rich white guys. Isn’t that the opposite of what they preach? I would say many of the others would be superior candidates.

If you support Trump you should be smiling. If you don’t support Trump you may want to buy stock in antacids and Advil, you will need it. The once front runner is running as a democrat but calls himself a democratic socialist and shits on the democratic party then wonders why they don’t support him? Maybe you should not shit where you eat!

The Cherry on the top is Hillary Clinton who the democrats considered the best shot to beat Trump four years ago. She lost because she was a horrible candidate, even her husband said she ran a bad campaign and he was a pretty good president. The funniest part, the democrats railroaded the old white guy for her, now they are railroading the same old white guy for another old white guy. This is the classic from Hillary, “Bernie is a life long politician” Hello? May I introduce you to a mirror.

It is pretty obvious that the people still do not want a socialist, regardless if it is masked as a democratic socialist. People are so opposed to socialism, the democratic socialist is losing states he won, too a man that has never won a primary until South Carolina and spent almost no money in comparison. Some may dislike what we have, we may dislike what we get, but we are the people that put them there, let that sink in…

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