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I like breakfast, it is my favorite meal. Well, all the meals are my favorite, but I can eat breakfast food at any time. Depending on who I have breakfast with determines where we go. For instance, when I go to breakfast with my wife we have a couple of usual spots. They are more of a family sitdown place. When we take our son it is similar, but it is usually closer to lunch for him, like a brunch. He has a very busy schedule. It requires a lot of sleep 😊 after a late night of video games. He usually eats lunch more than breakfast so it fits nicely either way.

When I go with my other son it is usually just us. We go a bit earlier and it does not always fit my wife’s schedule and it is more of a local diner with a lot of people tightly packed together. I guess we should go today since we are social distancing, whatever the hell that means, due to the apocalypse, there will be plenty of seats. It also gives us a chance to catch up, talk sports, school or anything that comes up, it is a nice father-son time.

I am a basic guy so either type of location works great for me. As long as I can get eggs, usually an omelet with bacon, ham, sausage, yes all at once, some home fries, toast, and pancakes. Yes, I like to eat and I did say it was my favorite meal. I like it simple not fancy and presentation does not matter. Fill me up for my money.

Now breakfast with my daughter. It typically starts with her texting me “let’s go get breakfast.” This is of course code for “dad come pick me up I will give you directions to the restaurant and you can buy me breakfast. 😊” Which is fine, she works hard and trying to find time with our schedules is not easy. Anytime that fits is good with me, but here is the fun part. I like simple, as I stated and she likes the new and fancy places. You know where all the young people go, with no money and high prices. They have these nice remodeled factories with the industrial look, pretty cool but not simple. We went to this place called Amature Works, it was very nice, but the menu is on the wall, which gets me started, “why can’t we sit and order?” I get the stink eye. I like simple, my choices are eggs, one base, and a protein? “What the hell is a base and protein?” Again the stink eye, “dad the base is like potatoes or veggies.” To me, this does not require an answer but I reply “potatoes”. “Why does it have to be a protein? Why can’t it be bacon, ham or sausage?” Again the stink eye, but I go with bacon.

Me: No toast?

Her: it is extra

Me: why?

Her: Because!

Me: Ok. Where are the pancakes?

Her: well they have citrus glazed waffles”

Me: huh?

We finally placed our order and of course, I pay. No problem. Now I had to ask, “why is this 38 bucks for a bowl of eggs with a base and a protein, Some citrus waffles, and an egg sandwich”, that had a fancy name I can’t remember. Again the stink eye. I have to figure out how people with no money go to fancy places? Anyway, the food was good. Next time we go to the diner, for 38 bucks they roll me out of there 😊. However, 38 bucks were worth the hour with my little girl regardless of what the hell they call the food.

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  1. I have found you can’t go anywhere for breakfast and usually cost somewhere in the $20+ amount, and that is MacDonalds’s too. I order the simple breakfast but my husband buys everything that is not included and that is why our tab is $$$.

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