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Daily Observations and Annoyances

I saw this term for the first time today, “Adulting.” I knew this was going to annoy the shit out of me, like a car accident I had to see more. It turns out in these troubling times, the virus and all, parents need to teach their kids how to live, you know become adults, that is what “Adulting” means. Now back in my day that was called parenting or common sense. We now have a term to describe the natural progression of life. We are starting to realize we are raising a generation of pods that are self-absorbed into, another annoying term “Social Media” and taking life lessons from celebrity meatheads, athletes and, again here it comes “Social Influencers” Apparently life skills for little Timmy involve writing a letter and putting it in the actual MAILBOX! Doing chores, and cooking. We just use each day to teach our kid when it is required how to be a good person and human, He is doing just fine confined to the house. We don’t call it “Adulting” we are Parenting. Yes, these are troubling times. We will survive the virus, I’m more concerned about our youth.

This is a segue into my next observation, parents are wondering what to do with their kids now that they are not in school. They can’t have play dates, Do not get me started on “Play Dates” Again, back in my day my parents said get your ass outside. We can still practice “Social Distancing” Timmy can go for a walk, ride a bike, take the dog out (that is a good “Adulting” chore right there.) Here are some ideas junior, suck it up. Read a book, color, write a letter (whoops there I go again with that new “Adulting” thing.) clean the house, fix your bed, help your parents, read the news, watch the news, get informed, play some of those video games you had to have that cost thousands of dollars.

I should start a social club for people with anti-social personality disorder. Those people are great at social distancing. Today I am scanning the news as my means of social distancing and getting myself informed. Here is some of what I found “Let Chrissy Teigen show you how to make the most out of staying home” I’m good I can lie down and nap with the best of them and I’m pretty sure I don’t need Chrissy teaching me anything. I now know all the outfits, I hate the term “outfits” Meghan Markel wore that broke royal protocol. I’m learning many Christians are taking the virus as prophecy, this is the end of times. Ok, they say this every few years. I guess statistically at some point they will be correct but not this time. This little shit show is on China, not prophecy.

If you don’t think money drives every political decision, look no further than the beaches of Pinellas County in Florida. Beaches will close for two weeks starting next Monday! Funny right after spring break. Even knowing the virus spreads in crowds fast and shockingly, it now shows that the 20-50 age group is the growing list statistically. Great job as cases in Florida rise daily. The health costs will far exceed the lost revenue from closing now. Maybe we should just get some celebrity to tell the sheep to get off the beach. After all, a good celebrity or “social influencer” are smart people.

Now some notable stupidity and news nonsense that is too painful to read so just the headlines. Sherif asks criminals to stop committing crimes during the virus crisis

Check out the third video in the story, Brady Sluder. Truly mindless. They all missed the “Adulting” class. In my day this would not be and “Adulting class” it would be a kick in the ass class! Mommy and daddy hold that next tuition payment, it is not working.

I learned Justin Bieber got married. That is good to know and he joined some new tik-tok world, whatever the hell that is but I’m sure there is a bunch of stupid videos on it. Please don’t use these in your “Adulting” class with junior.

Well, time for my nap. I need my rest as I’m self quarantining. When I wake up I will take my walk around the kitchen, then watch the news and look for more stupidity. It is not hard to find. Be safe everybody, don’t do anything stupid and this shall pass.

One thought on “Daily Observations and Annoyances

  1. As all things this too will pass. I am thankful that steps were taken quickly to stop as much as this virus . I would like to know how it got its name COVid19. As to those we think we admire, athletes, movie people, whatever. We should all be paid so well and able to bribe universities etc. while the hard working individuals have school loans so big our children will take years to get them paid off. Sorry I am rambling. Great job keep righting your blog.
    I love your sense of humor.

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