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Quarantine Start Of Week Three

I guess this is as good as any blog topic, the daily activity of what the Covid-19 virus is doing. I started out working from home two weeks ago tomorrow. To test our preparedness, my company instituted a two-week work from home policy. Since that time, the situation has become much more severe. I will be working from home indefinitely. March 13th was the last time I left my house; it was for two hours to see my daughter for her birthday. Since that time, I have been home watching the events unfold, and it is staggering. The roads are empty, and our neighborhood is tranquil. We took a quick walk to the mailbox, that presented a bit of anxiety because the mailman pulled up just as we were getting our mail. The whole six feet spacing became very real.

Is this the new normal? We can’t say it will not, but anytime significant events happen, it is human nature to change or adjust in some way. It might be subtle, but our behavior will change. It is almost impossible it will not, and the longer we isolate, the greater the change or, the slower to what we once thought was reasonable returns.

Over the last 48 hours, the following states are in lockdown; California, Illinois, Connecticut, and New York. Over the previous 24 hours, New Jersey is doing something similar(Non-essential business to shut down); by early next week, some areas of Florida will possibly do the same.

I try to keep my mind off of it, but it is hard when you want the latest updates from the news, and that is about all they report. I worry about my parents; they are older and have some health issues. They have doctor appointments they can’t miss and food to buy. I hope they use the home delivery stores are promoting. They are not very far, about two hours away but it is becoming dangerous to get out. I worry about my kids; two live on their own and in the medical field. I worry about my family up north and my young nephews. I worry about my wife and another son; they are stuck at home with me, that is a challenge right there. We worry about our family in Brazil. We can’t get there if we need to, and my father-in-law is 92 self quarantined alone. He is a tough soldier.

Financially this is a disaster and getting worse. My retirement account is decimated. I don’t look, but I can do some quick math in my head, and it is easily in tens of thousands. I do not have enough work time left to recover that, then what? My wife also took a big financial hit. The long term impact is yet to be known. Food and some critical items are in short supply, and everything is more expensive. We did a food delivery service; it was short money, about 14.00 a month.

The government is now taking unprecedented action; I mean nothing like this has ever happened. As I write this, the latest was 1200.00 per person and billions for small businesses and major corporations. But they are pushing for more. The bailout over 2 trillion, and there is no end in sight yet. Like I said, we will change; there will be something to the statement “the new normal,” an event that hits everybody and possibly destroys the economy will change us; there is no way it can’t.

One last thing and I don’t want to go down the conspiracy path, but how can something hit so fast and so hard with a limited warning? We are shutting down states, some with economies in the top ten of the world. We are leveraging 2 trillion in debt to bail out everybody and everything. Why does the airline industry tank in two months when people need 2-4 months of savings to get through a crisis. Why are there actual shortages from supplies to what doctors need in the most prosperous country the world has ever seen? Is it not strange that a virus that strikes in the middle of election season when massive crowds were everywhere, and the solution is to keep people apart now. There seems more to this than just a virus; I’m just not sure what it is or where it will go. We will change; it is only logical.

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