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Quarantine Week 3 Day 15

Well, this is the start of week three being home. I’m a bit ahead of the curve, and that is odd since I’m never ahead of anything 😊, mainly any curve. I guess that means I’m helping the flatten the curve. I did not start in self-quarantine, it began as a work preparedness step, and this pandemic just exploded, so here I am.    

There is something very odd not leaving the house, and I don’t count going to the mailbox or sitting on the patio as not leaving the house. I’m not having any issue, no cabin fever, or claustrophobia. It is just strange to wake up and sit in the living room, watching tv, reading, playing scrabble on the phone, and not going anywhere. Not horrible, just odd. I know it will change at some point, after sitting around all day, then going to bed only wake up and go into the next room to work. The statement seems odder than it feels.

In this situation, the technology I have is unbelievable. I’m at home working with no interruptions and talking with my team on a continuous bridge. We can even do a visual. It is a real virtual experience. I can see this becoming more mainstream when this whole thing calms down. Like I said in another post, things will change, some negative and some positive. I guess this will be a long term positive, but I’m always more inclined to go into the office.

I can see at some point a movie comes of this, indeed a book. I will have it handy for the next pandemic. It does feel like a sci-fi movie, like contagion and you should see the look my wife gave me when I suggest watching that movie yesterday. I do have a twisted sense of humor. I guess you can only write so much in a quarantine. Be safe everybody, a big shout out to all that are working hardest; nurses, doctors, EMT, paramedic, food, and grocery store workers, truck drivers, etc.… I’m sure I forgot some. That’s about it for today. Maybe we will order out at the local Chinese restaurant; I’m craving the Wuhan platter. I hear it leaves you hot and breathless.

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